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Foundation FM are making women’s voices heard. From their car-park-turned-studio in Peckham, they broadcast for 12 hours a day, 5 days a week – almost always with a female DJ at the helm. They aim to give a voice to some of the UK’s most talented presenters while showcasing the hottest underground music. We grabbed a quick five with the team to talk gigs, putting females first and how the Foundation team are styling their DMs.

Who influences your work and what motivated you to start Foundation?

Females! We are influenced by all kinds of wonderful women. We have all had experiences where males have been put before us in our career, and a lot of that feeling was the catalyst for starting Foundation FM. It’s really and truly about putting females first at every turn.

Did you have a plan B?

Not really, we made a plan to do this and then just rolled with it! We never stopped to question whether or not it would work. Thankfully, it did, but there’s a whole team of amazing and incredible people who work really hard to make Foundation FM what it is!


What’s the most rebellious thing you’ve ever done?

We started a radio station when people were saying radio was dead. It definitely isn’t.

What does self-expression mean to you?

For us, it’s about being able to have a creative safe space to broadcast what you want to do, without any fear or judgement, and knowing that you’ve got the support of loads of other talented people!

What about Dr. Martens — what do they mean to you?

Creative freedom! We love that it means so many things – so many people into different things with totally different styles can wear Docs! There are so many different styles at Foundation FM. You’ll see people wearing Docs with camos, with jeans, with a cute dress and fishnets, with a midi skirt and sweatshirt.


Any DMs on your wishlist right now?

We’re all loving the Hardware range! The chunky soles are so sick, but we love some of the more feminine twists like the ribbon laces.

Let’s finish up with some music questions. If you could have started any band, which would it be and why?

The Spice Girls? LOL. They are iconic, the first girl band to dominate charts worldwide, and all with a clear message of Girl Power!


What’s the best gig you’ve ever been to? Or the one you wish you’d been at?

Haha, our FOMO can be real! I really hated missing out on Lauryn Hill when she performed in London. But the best one I have been too was Lil Simz at the Roundhouse around 2017 — she was amazing. It was all a part of her Wonderland album and the graphics were mad! She also brought out Stormzy, Chipmunk and Ghetts. The energy was crazy, plus there was a huge confetti cannon at the end.

If you could get anyone on Foundation, who would it be?

It would have to be Rihanna.

And lastly, what advice would you give to young people trying to get where you are?

Don’t give up! Ask lots of questions, and do research. Find people who do what you want to do and talk to them. Be persistent, but not annoying; be ready to work hard and show your passion and excitement!


Want more? Tune into Foundation FM here.

Shop the full Hardware collection here.

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