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Catching ‘5 Minutes With’ Jenny Rossander (aka Lydmor) isn’t easy. The Danish composer and musician seemingly never stops. Her tours are long and far-reaching; her collaborations frequent and unexpected.
Fortunately for us, she was booked in to play our Copenhagen store as part of our Dr. Martens Presents series last year. So afterwards we managed to grab her for a quick five-minute chat.
What’s unique about playing a show in Copenhagen versus other cities?
It’s special for me when I play in Copenhagen cause it’s the city I’m based in, and it’s the city where I have most of my fans. It’s also the city where I have friends and family which makes it more intimate and more emotional when I play here.
Lydmor rocking customised Jadons.
What do you hope people take away from your performances?
I hope they take away a sense of emotion and having experienced something they have never experienced before.
How would you say your musical style is different?
I don’t like to compare myself to other artists. I don’t think that it’s a healthy thing to do. I do what I want, and I create what I think is cool.

How would you describe your creative process?
I have a joke with some of my friends that I do creativity with a sledgehammer. When I create something, I throw everything I’ve got at it. When I make a song, I will slow it down, speed it up, I’ll put distortion on it, I’ll make crazy beats and I’ll remove them again until it starts sounding the way I want. My creative process is super chaotic because that’s who I am as a person.
What are you most excited about in your music right now?
It’s an exciting time for me. In the past two years, I have started to work in a way that I like. I have become a lot less insecure about my own ideas, which makes being creative so much more fun.
Lydmor at her in-store gig at our Copenhagen store.
What’s your fondest musical memory from the last year?
I was in Budapest playing a song called ‘Nostalgia’, which is an emotional song. As I was looking out at the crowd, I saw this girl who had tears streaming down her face, singing along. We made eye contact, and it was like she sobbed a little in that moment. We kept eye contact for the rest of the song. It felt like the whole room disappeared and it was just me and her. I was singing to her, and she was singing back to me. It was really beautiful and very intense.
Missed the gig? Catch up on the highlights below…

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