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Dr. Martens Collaborates, Music


To launch our highly anticipated new collaboration with LAZY OAF, we teamed up with awesome activist riot grrrl band PEACH CLUB to check out the collection. The Norwich four-piece have blazed a trail through the clubs and venues of the U.K with their politically-charged punk, gaining critical acclaim and a legion of devoted fans along the way.
 We caught up with band members Katie, Rebecca and Charlie for a quick Q+A…


What’s the best gig you’ve ever been to – or the one you wish you’d been at?
Katie: The best gig I’ve been to was The Cure at British Summer Time last year. Robert Smith is a big inspiration to me (musically and just general person wise), so seeing him in the flesh was absolutely nuts! I wish I could have been at any Babes in Toyland gigs in the ’90s — Kat Bjellend is an incredible person and songwriter, and seeing videos of their performances makes me desperate to get in a time machine and squidge into one of their crowds.
Becca: The most recent gig we played with Petrol Girls and War On Women has been one of my favourites this year. I wish I could’ve watched Sleater Kinney in the U.S back in the day.


How would you describe your style, and how would your parents describe your style?
Katie: I would describe my style as cute and punky. My mum says it’s “different” which is mum language for “I don’t like it!”.
Charlie: I’m not too sure how to describe my style, I just wear whatever I fancy which can change drastically. My family like to say what I wear is “very you”.
Becca: I like wearing all one colour at the same time, and my parents probably think it’s weird!
Tell us about your favourite pair of Docs…
Katie: My favourite Docs are my Jadons. I’m only 5ft tall so I need the boost of the platforms, plus I just feel like a total badass when I wear them!
Charlie: My pair of wine colour Masha creepers are my favourite pair. I probably wear them the least out of all of the pairs I own, but they have such a cool shape and I feel powerful wearing them.
Becca: I actually don’t know what they are… They must be vintage, they are extremely heavy with steel capped toes, have double soles and it has a huge velcro buckle to fasten. Apparently they are petroleum and acid resistant, which is reassuring!
How do you style Docs?
Katie: I like bright colours and patterns and styling them with platform shoes/boots and leather jackets.
Charlie: I’ll wear mine with anything and everything – be it a cute, floor length dress, or PJs when taking out the bins.
Becca: Lazy Oaf x Dr Marten boots with ankle long coats and dresses is a look!
If you could play a gig with anyone dead or alive, who would it be?
Katie: Babes in Toyland or Bikini Kill
Charlie: I’d love to play with Deap Vally, they have such a great energy and it sounds as if there’s six musicians on stage, not just the two of them!
Becca: All of the above on a festival line-up.
Favourite venue to play in?
Katie and Charlie: Norwich Arts Centre! It’s in our home town and it’s a 400 year old converted church. It’s beautiful and it’s got a super strong community which showcases up and coming artists.
Becca: Brudenell Social Club in Leeds hands down. I’ve seen a few of my favourite bands play always with a local support who everyone knows. You can’t go for a beer and not bump into someone — it’s a real tight community.
Tell us about the most rebellious thing you’ve done…
Katie: Probably climbing over the fence at the back of my high school field to smoke with my friends (sorry mum!). I did spend the rest of the day absolutely shit scared that I was going to get told off.
Charlie: Growing up I’ve always been more cheeky than rebellious. I’d push the limits with my poor mum and come downstairs with new piercings and hair colours all the time. I learnt from my older sister early on to hide what you shouldn’t be doing.
Becca: I’d rather not say!
What does self-expression mean to you?
Katie: It means being unapologetic in how you present yourself and what you create. It’s very self serving yet reflects who you are at your core.
Can you remember the first performer you saw wearing Docs on stage?
Katie: I can’t remember the first ones I saw, but I remember seeing Alice Glass in 2015 wearing the classic 1460 boots which were completely destroyed — she looked so cool.
Charlie: The first time I noticed a performer wearing Docs at a gig was Millie from Thyla wearing platform studded white boots with a gorgeous white flowing dress and she made these killer boots look delicate. I’ve tried many times to emulate this.
What motivated you to be where you are now: the people who said “you can’t” or the people who said “you can”?
Katie: Definitely more the ones who said we can’t. For the first couple of years in our career we were told a lot that we weren’t good enough or that we weren’t going to be able to make anything of this. It gave us the push we needed to prove everybody wrong. It’s only been in the last year or so we’ve been introduced into a community of musicians who are super nurturing and continuously telling us that we’re doing something great and we can continue to do great things. So to begin with, it was those telling us we couldn’t that gave us a kick start, but those who tell us we can now who keep us going.

What advice would you give to young people trying to get where you are?
Katie: It takes work but it’s very much worth it. Be persistent, know your worth and don’t ever doubt your ability to create good art. Good art doesn’t mean being good at playing instruments, it means making art that means something to you or that you enjoy! You can do anything you put your mind and your soul into. Followers, likes and streams don’t reflect your value.
Finally, what does Dr. Martens mean to you?
Katie: It means individuality, self-expression and punk. Dr Martens are very punk and I always feel my best wearing my Docs.
Catch Peach Club on tour this summer: peachclub.bandcamp.com
The Dr. Martens x Lazy Oaf collection is available to shop now. 
EU: http://bit.ly/2RdEYy8
US & INTL: http://bit.ly/2VLtGCW


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