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Singer, songwriter and vocal feminist Etta Bond is one of London’s up-and-coming musical talents. She’s been on the scene for a while, amassing several underground hits such as ‘Loophole’ and ‘Seen and Never Heard’ but 2017 looks set to be the starlet’s year. Read on for Etta’s quick-fire Q&A with DM’s. 

Etta Bond wears the 1460 boots.
Etta Bond wears the 1460 boots.

We loved 2013’s ‘Meds’ when can we expect a new album?
I spent last year laying low and creating, loading up ammo. This year I’ve got a lot to share. 
Your look has evolved over the years, is fashion important to you?
Expression is what’s important to me. The way I present myself is reflection of how I feel and that can change frequently. 

Etta Bond wears the ___.
Etta Bond wears the 1460 boots.

How were you introduced to the Dr. Martens brand?
They’re pretty much all I’ve worn on my feet, every day, since 2011. Nice of you to say hello, took you 6 years. 
Which other musicians inspire you?
Anyone who has the courage to be honest. 
At Doc’s we’re proud to be a big part of youth subcultures [punks, rudeboys, mods] – are there any subcultural movements you identify with?
I’ll stand with anyone who’s not afraid to stand alone. 
What’s on the agenda for you this year?
You’ll see. 

Etta Bond wears the Jadon boots.
Etta Bond wears the Jadon boots.

Can you give us your top 3 spots in London to eat, drink and party?
I do all that at the studio. 
Finally, what do you stand for?
Truth, freedom and love. 
Find out more about Etta Bond on her Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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