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The Brand


From protesting miners rights to making a statement at school Dr. Martens have been rocked by Beverly and Nicola St. Louis their entire lives. Beverly a former fashion designer, “fashion punk” and current badass/dog groomer has been an incredible role model to daughter Nicola. Inspired by her creative mum, Nicola has been understanding, translating, and styling fashion for nearly 2 decades.

In the same way, our new Burgundy Collection is inspired by our classic and archival colours. Our history informs our present. To celebrate this connection to the past we’ve sat down with Nicola and Beverly to talk about their history with DM’s and how to bring vintage pieces into contemporary style.


“Why am I a DM’s girl?”

The St. Louis Family history with Dr. Martens


“The Elizabeth Taylor of Croydon”

Nicola Shares Her Approach To Vintage

We don’t know where we’re going unless we know where we’ve been. What’s your Docs story?


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