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To say that Brooklyn-based artist Amy Cakes has colorful style would be putting it mildly. We can always count on the self-described fashion clown and extreme selfie enthusiast to bring as much brightness, pattern, and color to any look— paired, of course, with some Doc’s. Amy Cakes isn’t so much rebellious is she is a fashion pioneer: to her, getting dressed is a chance to express individuality, have some fun and then take some selfies, preferably with her tongue sticking out. We had Amy style up a pair of cherry red 1460s for a Brooklyn photo shoot recently, then caught up with her about her fashion aesthetic, her Brooklyn neighborhood and her first Doc’s.

Amy wears the 1460 Smooth in Cherry Red.

What was your motivation behind the images you created for the 1460 Worn Different Campaign?
I wanted to show my colorful style juxtaposed against the city colors and textures of my Brooklyn neighborhood.

What is unique about your style?
My style is colorful, silly, eclectic, a little punk, and always evolving. I’ll be inspired by something and play around with adding it to my style for a few months and then it will just become integrated with how I dress every day. I think what is unique about my style is that I dress for myself and wear whatever I want to wear. When you dress colorful or “crazy” people assume you’re doing it for attention, but for me, it’s just an expression of how I feel and purely what makes me feel comfortable and happy.

How do you feel when you wear your 1460 boots?
I feel part of history and like I could take on any type of obstacle that comes my way!

Tell us about your first pair of Dr. Martens. 
I got my first pair in high school at a vintage store called Slow in Los Angeles. They were a worn-in pair of vintage oxblood red leather boots with hidden steel toes. Getting my first pair of Doc’s was kind of like joining a secret club. They lasted me a long time considering how worn in they were when I got them.

What excites you?
I get excited by a lot of things like hanging out with my friends, laughing at little things only I think are funny, eating a really good ice cream sandwich, or watching an enticing movie.

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