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Meet Bruce and Glen Proctor, identical twins from New York City who also go by the name of The Fashion Preachers. Bloggers, pastors, content creators, and designers, the two are known for their unique combination of spirituality, positive mental attitude, their colorful, creative approach to urban fashion and their on-point style. We recently tasked them with styling up a pair of 1460s for our new #WornDifferent campaign — and we love what they came up with.

Bruce and Glen wearing the Mono 1460 // Photos by Joseph Oxley

What was your motivation behind the images you created for the 1460 Worn Different Campaign?
We were very intentional! We wanted an urban setting, as we think the 1460s are for your everyday urban warrior battling through traffic and rush hour. We are usually very colorful, but we decided to Yin and Yang it with black and white inverse looks and boots. We are twins with lots of similarities but we are individually different. We are two different ends of the spectrum and when we come together we are complete, a real-life Yin and Yang.

What is unique about your style?
The most unique thing about our style is that it comes in twos! Our looks always compliment each other, even when we don’t plan it. We become each other’s accessories.

How do you feel when you wear your 1460 boots?
Cool! Wearing Dr. Martens connects you to something bigger than just a “good looking” shoe. This brand comes with quality, integrity, and history. The brand means something, it’s recognizable and respected.

Tell us about your first pair of Dr. Martens. 
High school is when we began experimenting with fashion. We began to break away from “the uniform” of a white tee, jeans and the latest Jordan’s. This is where we began to experiment with color and shape, and also when we discovered Doc’s. We shared a black pair of the classic 1460s.

What excites you?
We are excited by life. Every day is a new start and another chance to be great or to make steps toward your personal greatness! We believe that with each new sunrise, there is also a new batch of mercies and a slate cleaned. With this perspective, you are never behind and always ahead.


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