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Linabugz‘s girly look has undeniable Beetlejuice undertones; it’s like Halloween every day with her, and we’re here for it. Based in Orange County, CA, the beauty blogger expertly blends bright hair and inventive makeup with a unique, spooky-vintage style — so it’s no surprise that she’s right at home in a pair of Docs. Linabugz recently agreed to show us her typical day in Los Angeles; follow along as she visits her favorite spots in a pair of embroidered 1914 Vondas, armed with nothing but a camera, her boyfriend and an eye for spotting the best secondhand threads.

Much like most mornings, I woke this scorching Friday at 9 am to the sound of my three favorite alarm clocks — my kitties — as if they are reminding me to get up and get ready for the busy day ahead. Today, like most days, I am getting ready only to suffer the commute from the OC to LA with my boyfriend, so we can get some work done and catch up with friends. As I lace up my 1914 Vondas, paired with a girly romper to look cute yet comfortable, I hop on the 405 with my first destination in mind, Alfred Coffee. Their Iced Caramel Macchiato always serves as my own personal reward for surviving morning traffic. I usually get there by 11 am, order my go-to drink to-go but linger on the homey patio for a bit, so I can catch up on any notifications I missed before heading to my next stop.

With Iced Caramel Macchiato in hand, I walk the short distance from Alfred to Wasteland, a must-stop shop while I’m in LA. Wasteland is home to incredible secondhand gems, which means I spend at least an hour or two each visit sifting through all the racks to make sure I don’t miss a must-have item. To no one’s surprise, I am walking out of there today with a few more to-die-for vintage pieces to add to my collection.

After a few hours of thrifting, I eagerly pop into the Dr. Martens Studio City store to scope out some of their newest arrivals. Not being able to resist a good platform, I finally make the tough decision to commit to only one purchase: the Jagger. Since I reached my shopping limit for the day, I convince my boyfriend to get his first pair of Docs, the classic black 1460s, and we leave with both our shopping cravings satisfied.

I check my phone only to see it’s 4pm — which means the freeway is a parking lot. I decide there’s no better way to spend my time than at The One Up with friends who live in the LA area. My friends and I happened to stumble across The One Up on our search to a find a place that meets all of our needs: a solid vegan option for my boyfriend and me, gothic decor to make us all feel right at home, and delicious drinks to keep us satisfied. The closeness was an added convenience and the bar-cade aspect was everything we didn’t even know we needed. I spent the night eating delicious vegan food, kicking my boyfriend’s ass in old school arcade games, and taking selfies to commemorate our fun night.

As I start up my car and prepare myself for the drive home, I look at the clock turn to 7 pm. My phone tells me traffic has lightened up a bit, and within an hour, I am home. Crawling back into bed curled up to my three precious alarm clocks, I fall asleep amidst planning my next LA visit.

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