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The Los Angeles leg of our DIY Docs Customization tour was a true marriage of art and fashion, with dedicated fans braving LA’s rare rainy weather to snag themselves a pair of Docs personalized by their favorite artists. Adam Vu Noir kicked off the tour at our Silver Lake store — which happens to be right down the street from his new tattoo studio. Studio City saw tattoo artist Christina Hock bringing her edgy-sweet look to tons of Docs, while our Santa Monica store brought in stitch witch Rusty Cuts alongside jeweler Dadybones. Each artist brought their own vibe, which resulted in a completely unique way to personalize a pair of Docs. Keep scrolling for photos from each night, along with some thoughts from the artists (including artistic advice).


Adam Vu Noir is a multimedia and tattoo artist from Los Angeles, California. Heavily inspired by his vagrant travels, classic propaganda, femme fatales, pulp art, and tattoo history, his body of work is both haunting and humorous.

When did art become a career for you?

It’s strange because I didn’t truly consider myself a real artist until something clicked in me. A eureka moment. But I’m an artist and I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t struggling in doing something creative. It’s not a career, it’s an obsession filled with insecurities and small moments of intense gratification. My mind is running 24/7 on ideas, concepts, inspiration, and what I can do to get there.

Ever draw on or embellish a pair of Docs before?

I’ve been drawing on shoes and boots since I put on my first Misfits CD “Legacy of Brutality” in 1999. I put that Crimson Ghost skull on so many things.

Do you have any advice for budding artists out there? 

Don’t do it if you don’t love it. You’ll know you love something by how much you hate it and want to try again.


Rusty Cuts is the brand by California-born fashion designer and self-proclaimed “stitch witch” Judith Rothman-Pierce. The Rusty Cut look has been described as a western meets glam rock, grounded in freestyle embroidery and appliqué — that happens to translate quite well to a pair of Docs.

Have you always been an artist? When did art become a career for you?

I’ve always loved embellishing things. I started sewing when I was around 9 years old, but it didn’t become my full-time job until 2013.

Why did you choose this medium?

Sewing led me to embroidery and appliqué as a way to make western wear! These techniques are sort of like drawing with a needle instead of a pencil so there is a lot of freedom in what I can do.

Tell us about your first pair of Docs. 

They were vintage 1461 black suede with white stripes on the sides.  My neighbor’s mom gave them to me when I was about 11 and they were too small but I wore them anyway.


Christina Hock is an LA artist and designer based at the Dolarosa Tattoo Company. Known for her use of neon in her tattoos — as well as her recurring cat themes — Christina’s designs blend classic Americana tattoo style with a uniquely feminine edge.

Have you always been an artist? When did art become a career for you?

I have made art for as long as I can remember. I believe I started taking on commission artwork around 2003, and made art my full-time job around 2008.

Why did you choose this medium?

I developed a strong connection to music and tattoos at an early age, having older cousins who had tattoos and were listening to all kinds of music like Depeche Mode and Janes Addiction. Tattooing was always in the back of my mind, I just didn’t know how it would finally manifest in my life. When I got my first tattoo at age 18, I knew without a doubt I had fallen in love with this medium.

Do you have any advice for budding artists out there?

  1. Draw, draw, draw
  2. Be yourself
  3. Don’t worry about what anyone else is doing, DO YOU! And follow YOUR dreams.

The DIY Docs Customization Tour is now in New York — check out upcoming dates here

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