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In DIY Docs, we’re taking a look at how illustrators, artists and designers put their stamp on our Dr. Martens products. Painting, tattooing, rhinestones or de-constructing – we’re giving them the creative freedom to express themselves off of the canvas. Our next DIY Docs Artist, Lindsey Carmichael, is a tattoo artist from Orange County. Find out more about his tattooed 1490 boots and what inspires him below:  

Lindsey Profile
Lindsey tattooing at Gold Rush Tattoo.
Introduce yourself:
My name is Lindsey Carmichael. I am a tattooer. 
Talk us through your customized Dr. Martens, was it a challenge working on boots? 
It was slightly challenging to work on the different, curved surfaces of the boots I received. I treated them the way I would’ve treated any tattoo design on skin. That was my goal and I feel like the result was what I imagined. 
tattoo-boots-1 (1)
Original 1490 Smooths with yellow laces, tattooed by Lindsey Carmichael.
Who and what do you take inspiration from?
I take inspiration mainly from tattoo related artwork. I especially, look to tattoos from tattooers I have admired and looked up to since before I started tattooing. Tattoos and music are the two most artistically inspiring things to me. 
Do you have a piece you are most proud of?
I’m proud of every last piece of artwork I come up with. I don’t half-way anything I start in terms of art. All tattoos and all flash or tattoo-related artwork I start takes everything I’ve got. I have pictures of most of it. I’m proud of it all. 
tattoo-boots-2 (1)
Original 1490 Smooths with yellow laces, tattooed by Lindsey Carmichael.
Do you listen to music while you work?
I do, yes. All of the time. Three songs I could always listen to (whether they’re actually playing or not) are:
Say Hello, Wave Goodbye – Soft Cell
Let Me Go – Heaven 17
All Of My Heart – ABC 
Lindsey Father Son
Lindsey giving his son Keith a tattoo as a birthday gift.
If you could have any super-power for a day, what would it be?
Don’t know if it’s a super power, but I’d go with super sharp wit. I don’t possess that. I’d like to. 
If you could draw anyone dead or alive, who would it be?
I would, can and have drawn Siobhan Fahey right before she joined Bananarama. Because she looked cool. Still does. 
What’s your favourite thing about living in Orange County:
My favorite thing about Orange County is that I’ve lived here long enough to know where everything is. That equals convenience. I’m not afraid to say I know where the shit is that I need and that makes things simple for me. I don’t need to struggle or get out of my comfort zone where I live. Leave that for places I’ve never been. 
Lindsey Back
Some of Lindsey’s tattoo work.
Tell us about your first pair of Dr. Martens:
I bought my first pair of Doc Martens from London Exchange in Costa Mesa from my friend Craig McGahey who opened that store in 1982. 10 hole black boots, same as the ones I just tattooed for this project. I still wear them to this day. I have owned many pairs over the years. 
And finally, what do you stand for?
I stand for:
Speaking up.
Doing things the way I see as right.
Standing by the shit I have chosen as my own and staying there.
100% being yourself. Don’t care how cliche’ it sounds.
My own family. As in, the family I’ve chosen for myself; blood or not (mostly not). 
Find out more about Lindsey Carmichael on the Gold Rush Tattoo website and his InstagramWin These Boots 
Lindsey’s Custom Tattooed Boots are on display at our Santa Monica store. Stop by and Enter to Win a pair of boots tattooed by Lindsey.