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In My Doc's



Welcome to In My Doc’s – the feature where we shine a spotlight on the very cool people who work in our stores and headquarters. Why? Well, because they’re the ones who really ‘live’ the rebellious, unique Dr. Martens brand… and know how to seriously rock a pair of Doc’s of course.

In this installment we meet Frankie Lister from our global head office in Camden. A DM’s ‘lifer’ she’s been with the company for over 6 years and has one of the most enviable collections of Doc’s around. Read on to discover more about Frankie.


Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your job?

Hey I’m Frankie and I’m part of the Global Product Team here at Dr Martens, working on the Men’s Casual side of the business. I’ve been with the brand about 6 years now after starting out as an apprentice in our fantastic Cobbs Lane factory, and I’m also part of our Culture team – I pretty much live and breathe the brand, I’ve been obsessed since my early teens.

How would you describe your personal style?

I absolutely love getting creative and customising things. As a kid everything was covered in stickers and then countless band patches when I was older. Plenty of my DM’s have been painted or re-vamped in some way, and some are completely bespoke. I’m completely obsessed with tattoo culture, so a lot of my doodles are inspired by my favourite artists such as Daryl Watson, Katie Shocrylas, Teresa Sharpe and David Cote.

Do you remember your very first pair of Dr. Martens?

I bought my first pair of DM’s when I was 19, with my student loan. They were bright red patent 1460s and I’d wanted a pair for ages. I finally bought them for a trip to Canada to see my then-boyfriend and still have them to this day. Needless to say the boots lasted a lot longer than the relationship.

What do you wear to the office?

Black. Black black black, and casual. I would say a good 80% of my wardrobe is black (ex-goth, ex-architect so…). Any colour comes in the form of my extensive shoe collection, customised denim jackets, or my lipstick. I don’t really buy into fads, if I find an item of clothing I really love, I will wear it until it falls apart. I’ll then repair what I can, and go again. My current obsessions are my Birdsong jeans (ethical, feminist London brand) and anything by Phiney Pet (that girl is incredible). But I always dress from the shoes up. It kinda comes with the territory.

What product are you wearing in your photo?

I’m wearing our leather Pressler shoes – they’re my go-to, throw-them-on-with-everything shoe. They’re so easy to style and are comfy and lightweight, so win-win all round. They’re looking pretty clean at the moment but I can’t wait til they’ve seen a few festivals and are looking properly loved. I think all DMs look better the more you wear them. They become unique.

Frankie wears the Greasy Lamper Pressler shoe.
Name the 3 tracks you’re loving right now?

I’ll always fall back on the classic rock and metal I grew up with, but I go through obsessive phases of having different things on repeat, currently including:
1. Paolo Nutini – Iron Sky
2. Chaos Chaos (formerly Smoosh)- Do you feel it? (literally on repeat)
3. Warpaint – Billie Holiday (I was lucky enough to go to their Boot Room gig at our Camden store with my lovely fellow Cobbs Lane graduate Stacey – they were absolutely mind-blowing).

What’s the best thing about the city you live in?

I’m lucky enough to call Camden, London my home. I have been living here for almost a year, but this was something I’ve wanted for a long time (my teenage self would be proud). In the summer the atmosphere along the canal is like nothing else, I can’t get enough of the energy of the place. I love so many of the cities I travel to, but I’m always reminded how spoilt I am to come home to London. There’s so much going on you can just completely lose yourself in it. I love that absolute freedom. That sense that anything is possible, you can do anything.

Pick your favourite three Doc’s styles for this season…

Ahh it’s always so hard just to pick 3!! Ok…
1. Ember Black Grizzly – understated, clean and classic. They go with everything and the leather is so soft they are a dream to wear.
2. Fenton (drops in March) – These aren’t even out yet but I’m so excited for them! Keep your eyes peeled…
3. 11” Vegan Satchel – I love our satchels and use mine every single day – this one has the added bonus of being Vegan.

If you could any superpower, what would it be?

I’d say flying, but I think it would be wasted on me – I’m not great with heights haha. It’s dead cheesy, but I want to be a hero for the people I love, so whatever superpower that means to them – probably the ability to conjure beer at will.

I sometimes struggle to find my voice, but I’m always determined to roar.

Finally, what do you stand for?

I stand for being brave, and being kind. For me, being brave is having the guts to do the right thing, to find your voice and speak out – standing up for what you believe in even when you’re told to keep quiet. I sometimes struggle to find my voice, but I’m always determined to roar. Being brave is also about being true to yourself, whatever that means for you – having your own style, doing things on your terms, or living your life the way you choose – for me, it simply meant getting a massive tattoo that I’d wanted for ages. Being kind goes without saying, I never understand those who aren’t. it includes being kind to yourself too. My personal mantra is “May I accept myself as I am”.

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