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Want to make your Docs really stand out? Well, you’re in luck! This autumn we’re hitting the road for a 34-stop customisation tour across the UK (plus some destinations in Europe if you’re feeling adventurous).  We’ll be hosting talented, local artists and giving you the opportunity to get their work on your Docs.

Why customisation?

Customising things is as much a part of the Dr. Martens DNA as our yellow welt-stitch. The idea of personalising Docs with art-work has been around almost as long as our very first boot. The simple, gender-neutral silhouette of Docs acts as a blank canvas. It is something for wearers to subvert, claim and define. To make their own. We really like being a platform for individuals to express themselves artistically.

What kind of artists will be on the tour?

We have some really amazing talent coming through from tattoo artists to illustrators. All of them have one objective: to create really exciting boots and shoes for Dr. Martens customers.

Where will the tour be visiting? 

Stores all over the UK. With different artists in each featured store.

We caught up with some of the artists who will be stationed in Bristol, London, Manchester and Nottingham to give you a flavour of what’s coming up and the inspiration behind it.

Bristol: Barbie Lowenberg

An illustrator and tattooist, Barbies’ work is full of  graphic, monochromatic imagery.
What other artists inspire you? 

This is a hard one, the list is long! Initially, I’d been inspired by medieval art, wood etchings, typography, embroidery, Japanese art, tattoos, street art and the occult and have since come across so many artists across all these fields and more that constantly inspire me. I get inspired by so many artists across so many mediums that it’s hard to whittle it down to a short list. Sin Eater, Amy Earles and Jemma Jones are three of my all time favourite artists.

London: Rebecca Vincent 

Rebecca is a tattooist whose work takes a lot of inspiration from nature. Think unfurling blooms or leaf-wreathed bunnies.



How do you feel about your work being on a pair of Docs?  

Oh my god I am THRILLED! This is such an honour. I got my first pair of DMs for my 12th birthday and I haven’t stopped wearing them since. My daughter think that is super cool too, so thank you!

Manchester: Demon Dance

The tattoo work of Demon Dance has an almost cartoonish aesthetic – from mobile phones and baying wolves to hands encircled in a ‘pinky swear’.

When did you first realise art was your thing? 

I’d never seen art as a career until a couple of years ago when I was offered a tattoo apprenticeship. It was based on my work ethics rather than my artistic talent so I really had to knuckle down and learn how to draw!

Nottingham: Justin Burnout

Justin Burnout’s tattoos focus heavily on hyper-realistic portraits.

With so many platforms these days, do you think it’s easier for an artist to get noticed?

The game has changed a lot with social media being at the forefront of everything now. I think it’s helped get your content out into the world faster, more people have the opportunity to discover it and enjoy it. But at the same time its become so saturated and overwhelming it can be hard to make your mark or stand out with the volume of content. I’m a strong believer in if you’re  giving 100% of your self to your craft, keeping it truly original and always willing to go the extra mile……it will always be seen and enjoyed. Classic saying “real recognise real”.


Want to learn about our other artists? And find out when the customisation tour is pulling into a store near you? Check out our round-up.

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