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Sebastien and Mynxii White are perfect for each other. He’s an artist, designer and creative director (who recently did a LA customization event for us), while she’s an award-winning photographer, filmmaker and makeup artist — and, in her spare time, the Global Editor at Schön! Magazine. The two both possess the same fashion sensibilities, often rocking the same hair color and sometimes even (accidentally) dressing alike. Which is why we thought we’d have them match with a pair of Jadon Hi boots in our new holographic Rainbow Patent leather — and then put their own style spin on them. Spoiler: the looks are similar and involve plaid, but Sebastien made it punk, while Mynxii made it grunge. Keep scrolling for the results.

What’s your take on dressing “holiday”?

Sebastien: We love to dress up in our extra special outfits. There are always holiday parties and events all season long, so there are plenty of excuses to dress up! I love anything shiny and Mynxii loves her vintage, old Hollywood glam dresses and accessories. Mynxii has cute berries she likes to put in her hair, with lots of sparkles and always a pinup red lipstick.

Mynxii: I love when Sebastien dresses up in his suits! He’s very punk, so it’s fun to see blazers and bowties and all the fun extras that get shoved in the back of the closet between special occasions. I feel like every day is a special occasion in December!

You two have done the same hair color. Do you guys ever dress alike — or would you? Be honest.

Mynxii: We always accidentally dress in the same colors or patterns. It’s embarrassing sometimes when we walk out from getting dressed and see each other for the first time wearing similar stripe tops or the same color combinations…

Sebastien: I love when those accidents happen! We usually have a good laugh and enjoy the rest of the day looking cute together.

Tell us about the looks you styled with your Jadons.

Mynxii: I had a great red tartan dress I was saving for this that I love! I styled the shoes with some white tube pics with grey stripes; I was really inspired by the vintage 90’s Vogue outdoor grunge editorial. I added some cute holiday berries to my hair for a little extra special touch.

Sebastien: We wanted to touch on the festive colors without looking cheesy. I personally like wearing my own custom creations with my Docs.


Can you name a place in LA that would allow these Jadons to shine the way they’re meant to?

Mynxii: We had a blast going to see the lights at the ice skating rink! All the lights glimmered off the ice and made the rainbow texture pop off the shine on the shoes. We love them!

What’s your favorite thing to do in LA during the holidays?

Sebastien: I like walking around downtown catching Pokemon with Mynxii and hopping into a cute place to get hot mulled wine.

Mynxii: Spending time with friends and getting dressed up is my favorite thing during the holidays. We often get so busy with work and creative projects that we often forget to slow down and make time for the people we love. This is a great time to hit pause and see everyone.

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