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What’s it like to have Mai Nguyen-Miyoshi — AKA Tokyo’s #1 Party Girl — as your mom? Zooey Miyoshi can tell you. As a baby, she tagged along with her mom to JFW and other big fashion events around Tokyo, New York and LA. So it’s only fitting that the half Japanese, half Vietnamese 6-year-old has a stellar sense of style (although Mai probably has a little something to do with it). Scrolling through Zooey’s Instagram account, @Zooeyinthecity, is basically like reading a kid’s fashion magazine. The best part: more often than not, Zooey’s rocking a pair of Docs. We asked Zooey, Mai and her baby sister Amelie to style up a variety of glitter 1460s — keep scrolling for the result, plus a little more about the holidays with the world’s most adorable family.

What was the inspiration for your styling here?

Mom: When we think of the holidays we automatically want to style plaid. I was looking for a plaid outfit that wasn’t too Christmasy, and found this two piece yellow plaid outfit from a brand called TINY BANGS for Zooey. Amelie had a similar yellow and black plaid print on a pair of overalls, so that was easy to coordinate. I, on the other hand, prefer red plaid. So I put together an easy outfit with red for myself, and we thought that the mix of colors gave just enough holiday feelings, but aligned with our rock vibe.

How much glitter will you be wearing this season?

Zooey: As much as possible!!!

Mom: Probably not so much.

Amelie: Maybe a little bit — she’s actually really obsessed with her glitter docs!

It’s the time of year for “Best of” lists. What are a couple things on your crew’s Best of 2018 lists?

Fashion Trend:
We don’t really follow trends but we like how the 90’s nerdy style kind of came back this year because it’s how we dress most of the time!
Ralph Breaks the Internet! We have never laughed so hard.
Best Memory:
Selena Gomez almost tripping over Zooey at an event, then bent down to tell her she was beautiful and continued to chit chat about ice cream!

Do you often all dress alike?

We sometimes coordinate our outfits, the girls more than mom. Both of the girls usually have the same prints and pieces from brands so we twin them when we can.

What are you all looking forward to in 2019?

More traveling! We have 2 trips to Asia planned, one to Tokyo and one to Vietnam. Zooey is half Vietnamese so we’re looking forward to showing her how different it is there vs. the US and Japan. We hope to take Zooey to Europe next year too – especially London and Paris!

Any holiday traditions in your family?

We used to travel to Japan every year but since we already went to Tokyo this past summer, we plan to just go to Disneyland on Christmas this year. We also have a huge family get together on Christmas Eve and do gift exchanges.

Photography by Samuel Victoria

Zooey wears the Junior 1460 in coated silver glitter, Amelie wears the Toddler 1460 in coated black glitter, and Mai wears the 1460 Pascal in black glitter. 

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