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Good news: this summer, we’re doing a mini customization tour in Los Angeles, hosting a series of three local artists from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines at our Studio City store. Their mission? To create one-of-a-kind boots and shoes for Dr. Martens customers.

First up: the multi-talented Natalie Bergman. Not only is she one half of the brother-sister duo Wild Belle, Natalie is also a prolific collage artist and illustrator; she’s even made her collages into stop-motion video for a recent drop from In Tall Buildings. So naturally, she was the perfect fit for the latest customization event at our Studio City store. Fans stopped by to get Natalie’s unique artistic perspective plastered all over their Docs; keep scrolling to check out her designs, and get insight into her artistic inspiration and the culture she associates with Dr. Martens.

What is your favorite thing about LA?

The birds singing outside my window. There are so many variations of song and color. Tonality and flight. It’s an amazing thing to wake up to.

Why did you want to do a customization event with Dr. Martens?

Dr. Martens are for Rude Boys and Rebels. They remind me of Skankin’,  Ska, and 2 Tone music. They’re dancing boots. They’re for all men. I think it’s amazing that the company can support artists like myself and give us an unusual platform and canvas to work on. It’s all an experiment. A dance! Now let’s begin!


Do your songs ever inspire your artwork and vice versa?

Of course. Wild Belle is doing a street-campaign leading up to the new album. I will be wheat pasting on (undisclosed) buildings all over Los Angeles with lyrics from the album. All positive messages. “We Are The Future,” “Everybody One Of A Kind,” “Let The Poor Man Shine.” That’s my job here on earth. To be a messenger. To love and to practice love.


Find Natalie on Instagram: @nataliebergman

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