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Good news: we’re doing a mini customization tour in Los Angeles, hosting a series of three local artists from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines at our Studio City store. Their mission? To create one-of-a-kind boots and shoes for Dr. Martens customers.

Our last LA customization event happened on August 30 with Winterstone, a local tattoo artist specializing in single-needle, miniature tattoos. He stopped the store armed with loads of pens, ready to create unique Docs using his illustrative style — and our customers came out in full force to take advantage. Read on to learn more about the most memorable tattoo he ever did, and why he got his first pair of Docs at age 10.

What is your favorite thing to do in LA?

Hang with my friends and family at our 1621 house poolside.

Tell us about your first pair of Dr. Martens.

I’ll never forget: I was 10 years old in 1991, and I saw them on the Red Hot Chili Peppers and needed to have them! I had black 1460s, while my brother opted for the green. 

Why did you want to do a customization event with Dr. Martens?

I’ve always loved the brand. Actually, as kids, we drew all over ours to make them look unique. Now, I get to do this for other people to enjoy. What an honor. 

What was the inspiration behind your customization?

Not much — I just put pen to leather and go. All of my tattoos are small in nature, so I like to cluster them together to make cool-looking patterns.

Why do you think your more delicate style of tattoos is so popular?

Fine line and single needle tattooing have become very popular on both the west and east coasts, the main reason being you can collect smaller tattoos from different artists from all around the world. And then, there are the details that you just don’t get with a larger needle. 

Any particularly memorable tattoo sittings or requests?

The honest answer to this is, as a tattoo artist you hear stories and peoples feelings on a daily basis. I try and be present with every client and try to leave them with a great feeling. I don’t have one memory in particular, although giving my mom her first tattoo at 60 years old was definitely an honor for me! She got a “W” for Winter. 

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