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The Brand


Our Made in England range is crafted from the finest materials using traditional, age-old shoe-making techniques. This elevates the instantly recognisable silhouette and spirit of Dr. Martens to a whole new premium level. As the ultimate example of our craftsmanship, Made in England is something to be coveted, collected and cherished.
Take a look at what it takes to produce a Dr. Martens Made in England boot or shoe below.

The Factory

Northamptonshire is shoe-making country — a reputation it has held since the 17th century. And it is here, in Cobbs Lane, Wollaston that you’ll find the original Dr. Martens factory, where the very first pair of boots rolled off the production line in 1960. The factory itself is over 115 years old and it’s where the entire Made in England range is produced. Made in England comprises three different type of products: Vintage which replicates the 1960s structure exactly, Made in England Collection which presents a different story seasonally and our Collaborations.

Just 50 people work in Cobbs Lane, handcrafting all of the boots and shoes sent out across the globe. And really it is the process that sets these special Dr. Martens products apart.

Read on to see highlights of the process.

The Clicking room

In the Clicking room, leather is assessed and cut using hydraulic presses.

The Closing room

In the Closing room all the leather pieces are stitched together. Some stitches are important for strength and others for shape. But the Puritan sewing machine is the most essential of all. It’s the puritan stitch that helps to give Dr. Martens their constructional resilience.

The Lasting

The last is the mold that goes inside the shoe and gives it shape. Next comes the yellow stitching and PVC welt. Our PVC welt system is what makes Dr. Martens unique. The welt is stitched around the upper and then melted together without glue so it can’t become unstuck.

Finishing Touches

In the Shoe room, the boots are inspected, cleaned, laced, primped, polished and generally made worthy of their Made in England label.

Watch the full process below.


Got yourself a pair yet? What are you waiting for?

Take a look at our Made in England collection here: EU, US & INTL.

2 thoughts

  • The highlight of our trip to England was the village of Wollaston and our tour at DM (Airwair) featuring all the skilled craftsman that have been making this brand what it is today. For over 35 years wearing this Iconic brand – these boots have taken me of me through the mosh pits, mud and everyday workwear.
    Thank You for ALL your hard work AND putting your Blood, Sweat & Tears into every Boot off the line.

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