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PASKAL’s AW17 collection was recently unveiled on February 28th during Paris Fashion Week. This season PASKAL presented a unique and personal collection filled with contrasting curves, shapes and textures.

Dr. Martens caught up with Julie Paskal, the founder of PASKAL to talk about her latest collection.


Can you please introduce yourself and tell us a bit more about how PASKAL came to exist?
I took a break in my studies at the faculty of architecture and that’s when I decided to fulfil a dream I’ve had since I was young and learned how to sew. As soon as I got these new skills, the ideas started to appear and I was totally amazed by this. Since then my hobby began to overtake my education and I started doing my first shoots in the university’s swimming pool. The environment around me was really creative and doing this was very easy.

What has been your best memory and the accomplishment you are the most proud of since you launched the PASKAL brand in 2010?
I think, the most exciting moment for me was the evening the LVMH Prize jury was judging my collection. The most important moment for me however was when the PASKAL show first appeared in the Paris Fashion Week schedule.


What have been your key influences/inspirations for your latest Autumn/Winter 2017 collection and the biggest challenges you faced bringing it to life?
Urbanism and the nature of Tel Aviv, which I visited a couple months ago to give birth to my third child. It is the inspiration and a challenge at the same time. I was inseparable with my baby girl in first months of her life, but the show was on the schedule and there was no way to compromise.

You initially went to school to study architecture. Has your architecture background had any influence on your work?
Architectural background helps me to control my creative energy and direct it properly. In more practical sense it gave me the notion of constructing, color composition, proportions and shapes.


You’ve been based in Paris and designing there for quite some time now. Is it easy for you to draw inspiration from the city that is widely considered to be the “capital of fashion”? How would you say Paris ranks in comparison to other important fashion hubs around the world?
Of course, Paris is inspiring! I have lots of photos and sketches in my memory. During the fashion week the most exciting aspect for me is the people, who are passionate about their jobs; as well as the streets, parties, museum exhibitions, book store windows, bars, literally the whole city. Everything sparkles if you look closely.

If you could design a piece of clothing for someone, dead or alive, what would you make and for whom would it be?
I would design something for Solange Knowles and a turtleneck top with jeans for Steve Jobs.


You chose to style your latest AW17 collection using our mono white 1460 Boots. Can you tell us why?
Despite the fact that I think they are simply very beautiful, this model perfectly suits the theme of the collection. Matt white color, laconic classic design, with a really futuristic look. I simply love it!

What does Dr. Martens represent for you?
It’s a perfect combination of something that’s both classic and cool.

What does a regular day at the office look like for you?
Lots of unexpected questions and things I need to control!


What are the next steps for you?
Collaboration with a big brand, corresponding with PASKAL aesthetics.

And finally, what advice would you give young designers trying to break into the fashion industry?
Never complain, never explain, but keep dreaming on.

Find out more about PASKAL on their website, Instagram, and Facebook.

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