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Dr. Martens is hosting select shows at the Brooklyn music venue, Baby’s All Right, now through March 2018. For a list of upcoming shows, ticket giveaways, and more click here.

We’re kicking off our November series of shows at Baby’s All Right with Briana Marela. Like us, Briana calls the Pacific Northwest home; she grew up in Seattle and attended college in Olympia, Washington where she now resides. For her 2015 release, All Around Us, Briana traveled to Iceland to record with Sigur Rós producer Alex Somers. Her latest album, Call It Love, was recorded in New York City with Small Black (both are signed to record label, Jagjaguwar). The result: a dream-like, ethereal, indie pop album filled with ambient and experimental sounds. Keep scrolling for a peek into Briana’s world, and don’t miss her show at Baby’s All Right on November 1.

What do you love most about the Pacific Northwest?

Its hard to say what I love most but perhaps focusing on nature makes the most sense. I think the west side of Washington and Oregon are the most beautiful places in the country. It’s so close to the water, and the forests lead up to rocky beaches. Spending time outside and by moving water is very grounding for me.

What was it like recording your album in New York City? How did it compare to recording in Iceland?

I had fun recording in New York City! I would take the A or C to the F or G train to Gowanus from Brooklyn every day, quite a commute. It was nice to have the morning meditation of the train, to think about what I was going to work on that day. In Iceland, I was living in an apartment below the studio, and I could just walk upstairs and play piano or other instruments anytime I pleased. Being in a big city vs a quiet, smaller city on an island is a big difference, but ultimately when I’m holed up in the studio it can be easy to lose track of time or where you are. When I was in NYC, we’d have to wait for the train to go by in between vocal takes.

What is your favorite song to perform?

I love performing Farthest Shore right now especially! I love losing myself in it and just feeling my voice lost in the etherealness of the ambiance and beats I created.

Tell us about a memorable moment that happened while touring.

There are too many memorable moments to count! On my last tour, my bandmates and I got to camp around the country and stay with some new and old friends. I ran into a friend from the past at our Chicago show; then days later we stayed at his house after our show in Kalamazoo. We arrived at his place at almost two in the morning, but he was awake and had made us miso soup. We ate it together around a bonfire. Kalamazoo was a special show because two sweet guys came to the show and gave me one of their favorite books from when they were a kids. The book happened to be a favorite of mine too. Island of the Blue Dolphins, it was so cute!

What comes to mind when you think of Dr. Martens?

I’ve always loved Dr. Martens! My first memory of them is seeing the cartoon Daria and wanting to know what kind of shoes she was wearing. They are so iconically cool.

What’s next for you?

My bandmates and I are headed to Europe in November and we have a bunch of shows in many different places I’ve always wanted to travel to. I love traveling and being on tour so I am looking forward to having more fun opportunities ahead of me!

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