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Our Dr. Martens Presents tour continues with an August 24, 2017 show by Caveman at the Dr. Martens – SOHO location. Cross your fingers: if we’re lucky, the Brooklyn quartet might treat us to their latest album, Otero War – a synth-and-heartache-heavy concept album with good dance grooves and soaring, radio-friendly melodies — in its entirety. In anticipation, we caught up with lead singer Matthew Inwanusa, who filled us in on the band’s inception, his favorite lyrics off the album and his favorite thing about living in New York City.

How did Caveman become a band?

Jimmy and I grew up together, and have been playing music forever. We all just met each other throughout the years, and all shared similar interests in music and became really close. We tried a few songs I had and it only made sense to play them all the time together.

Where does Caveman get its sound?

We get it from each other — all different stuff. When we started it was all about drum circles, weird synth albums and reverb.

What’s the last song you heard before answering these questions? 

New demos. I don’t listen to other music while I’m writing.

What’s your favorite lyric off of Otero War?

“Just a broken man. You had the city sitting in your hand. Is there a reason why you took that stance?” – That’s from Lean on You…It might not be the most amazing lyric, but it means a lot to me.

What’s your favorite thing about living in NYC?

It’s where I’m from. I like the regular spots. I like walking down a street and realizing I’ve never walked down it in my whole life. I like the new bar or restaurant all my friends go to for a month before it shuts down.

I like walking down a street and realizing I’ve never walked down it in my whole life.

Tell us about your first pair of Doc’s.

I got my first pair late in life. They were black and white polka dot. They were amazing. I always liked this nice floral pair when I was younger but never got them.

Listen to Never Going Back by Caveman — and get the full Dr. Martens Presents tour schedule right here.

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