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According to Alex Luciano, lead singer and guitarist of Diet Cig, “having fun can be a radical act.” It’s not hard to tell by listening to them — Diet Cig’s pop punk sound is both heartfelt and hopeful at the same time, with an upbeat, head-bobbing sound and sweet-yet-truthful lyrics. And she’s right: when Diet Cig played a free show for the Dr. Martens Presents series at our NYC Lexington store, it was definitely radical, and it was definitely fun. A hometown night for the duo, Diet Cig served up 45 minutes of high-energy rock and roll, with a packed store — and some sidewalk fans, too. If you missed it, keep scrolling — we’ve posted some pictures from the show, plus a Q&A with Alex.
What is unique about playing a show in NYC versus other cities?

For us, playing a show in NYC just feels like coming home. All of our friends we’ve known forever are here so its always a blast! I feel like New York has a really exciting energy and it feels like anything could happen. It also feels really special to see all of our fans come out, because theres always so much going on and they chose our show to come to!!

What do you hope people take away from your performances?

We hope people leave our shows feeling rejuvenated and full of joy! We want our shows to feel hopeful, to remind folks that having fun can be a radical act. We also would like people to realize that anyone can be in a band! It’s something thats so fun and music is for everybody even if you don’t know how to play an instrument super well or are nervous about your skills. If you’re having fun, everyone else will too!!

What are you most excited about in your music right now?  

We’re in the midst of writing our next record and we’re really excited to be able to explore where we want our sound to go next. We’ve been adding more friends to our band for some of our live shows too and its been so fun relearning our songs with more people! We’re really looking forward to finishing this record and seeing how more bandmates could fit into the live version.

What was your first concert (as a fan)?  

My first concert was Avril Lavigne at SPAC in upstate New York! I got the tickets for my 12th birthday and it was such a big deal to me. I loved Avril so much and thought she was so cool, I think I even wore a tie as a belt.

What is your fondest musical memory from last year?

Okay so this is technically from this year but during our US tour in February, we would close our set with a goofy version of the ending of “Closing Time” by Semisonic, and the other bands we were on tour with (Great Grandpa and The Spook School) would come out and dance and sing with us to end the night. The last night of that long tour everyone came out like they always did, but I couldn’t even get the words out for the song because I was crying — realizing it was finally closing time on this tour, and that I wouldn’t be seeing these friends I had made for a while since we all lived literally around the world. It was such a cheesy wholesome moment but I was just so thankful for everyone on the tour being so kind and cool and it was the first tour we had ever done as a four piece and it was all ending and it was just emotional!

Tell us about your first pair of Dr. Martens.  

My first pair of Docs was like my first grown up pair of shoes (aka over $100) I ever really bought myself. They were leather 2976 Chelsea boots, and I got them my freshman year of college. They made me feel sooo cool and I wanted them because honestly, everyone who I thought was cool had a pair of Chelsea boots at the time. I ended up gifting them to a friend a few years later because she thought they were awesome and it felt nice to pass them along to someone else.


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