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The way Margaret Glaspy got signed is nothing short of a SoundCloud fairy tale. The story goes like this: she was at home finishing up the production of Emotions and Math, her first album (after two self-released EPs) when ATO Records called, having heard some of her online demos. Fast forward to Born Yesterday, her newest 3-song EP on ATO: it blends sweet vocals with a fuzzy, down-and-dirty guitar — and definitely leaves a listener wanting more. In the meantime, we’ll settle for some live shows, like the one that rocked our Soho store last Thursday. Margaret played an intimate solo set for a packed crowd — including a flawless Mariah Carey cover. Keep scrolling for some pics from the evening, plus a quick interview.
What’s unique about playing a show in NYC versus other cities?

NY is my home, so it always feels special to get to work at home and have my friends near. Also, it’s the greatest city in the world!

What do you hope people take away from your performances?

If anything, I hope they have a different perspective when they leave.

What are you most excited about in your music right now?  

I’m working on a new record right now so there is a lot to be excited about. I can’t share too many details, but just the act alone of making new music is getting me very excited about being a musician again.

What was your first concert (as a fan)?  

It was either a 98 Degrees concert or K-Ci & JoJo. I didn’t know 98 Degrees when I went so that I was kind of tagging along for that one. At K-Ci & JoJo, I knew every single word. I was in the sixth grade and it all happened in Sacramento, California. My dad also took me to the jazz club Yoshi’s in the Bay Area around that time too. One of those three was the first show I ever saw.

What is your favorite musical memory from last year?

We were in Belgium, on tour, and as we rolled up to the venue we realized that Meshuggah (the incredible Swedish metal band) was playing in the same complex. We sprinted off stage from our show and got to see the end of theirs. That was one of my fondest musical memories from last year.

Tell us about your first pair of Dr. Martens.  

I had a pair of brown Dr. Martens boots and I’m pretty sure I got them at a shop in Boston when I was in college. I wore those boots day in and day out and re-laced and re-soled them several times. I moved to NY soon after I bought them, and I’ve lived here for 8 years and still have them.

Photography by Steve Birnbaum

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