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We are excited to kickoff  Dr. Martens Presents Music Tour at Dr. Martens Herald Square store August 10 with Overcoats , the electric pop duo out of NYC. Their latest album Young has been on repeat in our offices, so we were happy to sit down and get to know more about how they work, what their listening to, and of course their Docs.

How did you two meet and start making music?

We met our freshman year of college in an anthropology class. Can’t remember how we began singing together, seems like it might have been awkward at first. But we used to do it all the time, singing in  bathrooms, hallways, we both joined acapella. We started writing music together in our senior year, and we never stopped!

What’s your songwriting process like?

Sometimes we’ll sit down together and write a song from start to finish. Those projects go very quickly, we’re just bouncing ideas back and forth and harmonizing as we go. Other songs are written in a more long distance fashion where we will send voice memos or little demos back and forth and add to each other’s snippets.

When you performed on NPR Tiny Desk, you mentioned that it was a lifelong dream, now that you’ve accomplished that, what’s the new dream?

Tiny Desk was so incredible, it was such an honor to be invited to play. Our next dream is to open for Cold Play. Hoping word of this dream will get to them…

What’s your pre-show routine?

Great music, tacos, and a few very secret handshakes.

What’s your favorite song right now?

We love Green Light by Lorde.

What’s your favorite song your new album Young? What was the song’s inspiration?

God, that’s like picking a child! No favorite. We have different favorites at different times. Leave The Light On is pretty fun to perform – that song is about self-reliance and confidence.

Do you remember your first pair of Dr. Martens? 

Dr. Martens always seemed like a forever shoe. They were badass, confident, but also practical. We still have our first pairs. You never throw them away! We both have the classic black boot. But we’ve graduated to some more styles, recently.

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