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Next stop on the Dr. Martens Presents tour: Dr. Martens Studio City on September 7, featuring Los Angeles darlings The Regrettes. We’re no strangers to the punk-meets-Motown sound of this quartet; they played to a packed crowd at the Dr. Martens 2017 SXSW showcase back in March. Now, we’re lucky to get the chance to see them in their hometown — and in anticipation, we reconnected with Lydia, Sage, Genessa and Maxx to chat about lyrics, how LA influences their music and the next steps for The Regrettes.

How does your hometown of Los Angeles influence your music?

Lydia: I’m more influenced by the bands from here that I’m surrounded by than the actual place.

Sage: If anything, LA makes me very aware of everything that I SHOULDN’T do as an artist. I’ve, luckily, learned over the years how much other people can influence who you are, in bad ways. It’s always smart to stick to who YOU are despite what people around you are doing.
Genessa: LA has always supplied me with the drive to play music. There’s always someone I can call and jam with. On the other side of things, traveling gives my whole life at home context; when I get home, I have a sense of urgency to create and a much better idea of what I want to be making.

What’s it like to have lyrics that are so personal? Does it feel weird to have your heart out there for everyone to see/hear?

Lydia: Honestly, yes. In certain cases and with certain songs it’s hard — at first. In the end, I’m an extremely open person, so I’ve gotten used to it. I use it to find power and strength for myself.

Sage: I very much feel and put myself into every lyric I sing on stage. Whether they be lyrics Lydia wrote or not, it’s very therapeutic and the raw energy and emotions you get are what make it feel so good. It’s scary for a reason, and really makes you feel a connection with the audience.

Maxx: It makes the song way easier to relate to because chances are there are many other people going through the same thing as you.

Maxx, How does it feel to be the one dude in an otherwise all female band? What would you say is the biggest thing you’ve learned?

Maxx: We’re close and get along well. Probably how not to chew too loud. It tends to get out of hand at times, and the ladies are always there to remind me.

Song you can’t get enough of?

Lydia: No No No by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Sage: Ordinary People by Twin Peaks

Genessa: Fiona Apple does a brilliant cover of Pure Imagination from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory

Maxx: Resonance by HOME

What’s next for the Regrettes?

Lydia: We are getting ready to release some new fun stuff pretty soon—also we’re getting ready to tour in Europe and the U.K. with SWMRS, so life is pretty great right now.

Sage: I’m most excited to see my family in Germany, but I can’t lie: I might be just a tad more excited about all of the outfits and styling I’m planning for that trip.


Can’t wait ’til the next show? Here’s a mix to tide you over — and help you nail your sweetest dance moves, because according to the Regrettes, these are the top tracks to dance alone to. Press play. Move your feet. And get ready for the show on September 7 in Studio City.

One thought

  • I photographed the Regrettes and Paranoyds at your store in Studio City. I have some cool shots of the band with their docs or the big logo in the background. I’ll send you some of my stuff for free in return for full credit on any picture used. Let me know if you’re interested.

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