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Lindsey Jordan released her debut EP, “Habit,” performed at a music festival next to acts like Sheer Mag and Downtown Boys, and garnered press in Pitchfork all before graduating from high school. At 18 years old, the singer-songwriter and guitarist is undeniably young, but she confidently holds her own as the face and voice of Snail Mail.

This week, Snail Mail headlines our final stop of the Dr. Martens Presents Tour in Washington D.C. with support from Bat Fangs. We spoke with Lindsey about signing with Matador Records, opening for Girlpool, and her first pair of Doc’s. Keep reading to hear the musician’s unique perspective and don’t miss her free show this Thursday, November 1st at Dr. Martens Georgetown.

Congrats on your recent signing with Matador Records! Who are some of your favorite artists from your label?

Thank you! I’m a really massive fan of Yo La Tengo, Mission of Burma, Helium, Liz Phair, Kurt Vile, Kim Gordon, the list goes on!

You graduated from high school and were opening for Girlpool the next day. How did you feel at the time?

I definitely wasn’t processing anything fully at that time because I was running on very little sleep and my attention was divided into a billion different things at once, but looking back it was a really fun and exciting way to spend summer break! That L.A show that we played the night after graduation was definitely one for the books!

Teenage years are often filled with self-doubt and self-discovery. How did growing up in the music industry affect those feelings/moments?

Growing up in the music industry was confusing and terrifying at the very least! Fortunately, I’ve always had a really incredible support system of family and close friends, who have experienced the exact same things, guiding me through the muck of it all. I think any writer will tell you that creating something you care about is emotionally taxing and comes with extreme highs and lows, but through that experience, I have learned a great deal about myself as a musician and a person in general, which has made me more confident and happy than ever before. Everything outside of the actual creative process is completely secondary and unimportant to me.

Where do you draw your confidence from? Do you have a motto or belief that you live by?

I draw the most confidence from making art that I am personally passionate about and being an independent person. I like to think that no matter how your art is perceived, whether it be completely positive, totally negative, or a mixture, you should always be able to take solace in knowing that you have made something that means something to YOU. One of the most important things I’ve learned from being a musician is that the most vital validation you can ever receive in your life is self-validation.

What are 3 tracks you can’t get enough of right now?

  1. LUSH by Dean Blunt
  2. Saturday by Electrelane
  3. Pool by Paramore

Tell us about your first pair of Dr. Martens.

I got my first pair of Dr. Martens in eighth grade for Christmas! They were black 1460 boots with Victorian flowers on them and I used to wear them every day. I rock pretty basic brown Doc’s now.

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