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Brooklyn-based Surfbort wins for the best album name of all time: Friendship Music. Which is a hilarious choice for pure, unadulterated punk — but that’s exactly what it is, with aggressive, feedback-y guitars shredding alongside anti-establishment lyrics. No time is wasted; all songs get straight to the point, are packed with energy and clock in at under three minutes. It’s a great album — and even better live. Case in point: we considered ourselves extremely lucky to host Surfbort’s record release show for Friendship Music — and kicking off our second annual Baby’s All Right residency at the same time. Led by fearless lead singer Dani Miller, the band played a raucous and unforgettable set. Keep scrolling for some  pictures from the night, plus a quick interview with Dani — where she reveals what gives her super special rock powers.
What makes the NYC music scene unique?

I think the fast-paced, hyper artistic lifestyles of New York breeds equally energetic powerful music! And everyone really has each other’s back in the music scene — even through different genres.

What do you hope people take away from your performances?

I hope they get inspired! To be loving and kind to others and be themselves! I also want it to be a space where people can laugh and scream and sing and dance freely!  

Who did you see for your first music concert? 

I saw the Go Gos in Santa Barbara — my mom took me when I was 5 or something, and I just remember being so happy and remember during the song Cool Jerk screaming “Blue bird”! Oh and, “Vacation all I ever wanted! Vacation have to get away!” Maybe that’s why I’m so into touring and exploring the world. 

What’s your fondest musical memory from the last year?

Dang there is so many! I would say playing on top of a half pipe during the air and style skate competition. Recording our first record Friendship Music! And touring with the Growlers was a blast!

Tell us about your first pair of Dr. Martens. 

I got my first pair for 25 bucks at a Goodwill, and they were the kind with the squareish rounded front. They were blood red, and I was so excited because I had always seen the freaks wearing them growing up, and now I finally got a pair! They lasted 6 years. And actually all the first Surfbort shows — probably the first 2.5 years of Surfbort — I only wore those Docs! Super special rock powers!

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