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The Seattle stop on the Dr. Martens Presents summer/fall tour brings a special guest: Tacocat. The feminist surf-punk quartet, known for songs that bring a refreshingly hilarious and honest perspective to everything that comes in their path, is playing Dr. Martens Seattle on September 28. We first fell in love with them after their first album NVM and our love only grew after hearing their ode to Dana Scully on 2016’s Lost Time. We were pumped when Emily Nokes, singer and former music editor for Seattle’s alternative newspaper, The Stranger, took a second to answer questions about Seattle, their approach to videomaking, and the latest pet additions to the Tacocat family.

How does living in Seattle influence your music?
That question is always kind of hard to answer because we have never tried to make music anywhere else. It influences us because it’s where we live and hang out; it’s the lens we make observations through.

How involved are you in your video making?

Me and Lelah made the “Dana Katherine Scully” video from scratch. We wrote out the ideas, got the costumes together, filmed it on our iPhones, and then edited it using the free iMovie software on our laptops. That was our first “100% involved” video. For the others, we’re fairly pretty hands-on; our levels of involvement are usually focused on the pacing and aesthetics; making sure it feels like the song and therefore feels like us.

Which is better: X-files or Twin Peaks? Original or new season?
Tacocat secret: only one of us has seen Twin Peaks (old or new). Don’t tell anyone or we’ll be kicked out of the Northwest!

What are you working on now?
We’re working on working on a new album 😉

Can you tell us about #babypheebo the wiener dog?

Pheebo is Eric’s baby boy, but we all love him very much. I mean, look at him! Honestly, I just got a kitten (Tinsel Starbunny) so I can’t really think of much else right now. It’s really special having two new baby animal additions to the Tacocat family!

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