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If you’re headed to The Regrettes show at Dr. Martens – Studio City tonight, you’re in for a treat: the Paranoyds are the opening act. With a sound melding garage punk and gritty surf rock — with a three-girl chorus slinging vocals — the Paranoyds are unmistakably LA. We recently caught up with the band, learning all about their influences, what they’re working on now and what they stand for — and while you’re at it, have a listen to “Freak Out”, our favorite track from their 2017 album Eat Their Own.

 How does being a part of the LA music scene influence you?

Lexi: The LA music scene is so crazy! Everyone is on their grind and works so hard. It pushes us to play a bunch of shows and write new music, which is awesome.

Staz: Also, everyone is so musically talented and making such cool stuff. Some of our favorite local bands are Sadgirl, The Wild Wind, Prettiest Eyes, French Vanilla and Traps PS.

What were your influences growing up? Are they the same today?

Staz: Oh man, I guess we all dabbled with everything. Staz and Laila were really into Motown growing up and then stuff like Bright Eyes in their teens.

Lexi: I was stuck in a pop-punk phase for like 4 years—oops!

David: Now we’re all big Devo fans (we dressed up as them for Halloween last year) and we’re into Gang of Four and Television and stuff like that. We are also into Roy Orbison and I especially love sort of cheesy 80s music. RIP George Michael.

Describe Dong Gaze music (the description of the Paranoyds genre on Bandcamp) in your own words.

Laila: What, it’s not self explanatory?

Favorite club in LA to play (beside the Dr. Martens store, obviously)?

Laila: Our favorite was Non Plus Ultra, a DIY space that unfortunately was closed down. We love playing at The Echo and Echoplex.

David: We just played at this insane venue in the valley called CIA. The box office is inside a gigantic head and there’s a dead body in there (allegedly).

What are you working on these days?

Lexi: New stuff and playing shows! Making some new merch that we can’t wait to share. We’re playing the Growlers Six festival in October and we’ll be releasing a new single in the fall.

What do you stand for?

Laila: Respect! Allowing people to fully be themselves.

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