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Dr. Martens Presents series at Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn continued in November, with an energetic night of pure rock and roll — with local openers Dentist, Dinowalrus and Fruit & Flowers warming up the crowd for headliners THICK. The all-female trio — Nikki Sisti (guitar/lead vocals), Kate Black (bass/vocals), and Shari Page (drums/vocals) — tore up the stage with their headbang-heavy, next-wave riotgrrl sound. And the crowd thrashed along with them, forming a solid mosh pit — that just so happened to be a friendly, all-female mosh pit more about empowerment than a riotous mob mentality. Keep scrolling for pictures from the night, plus a quick interview with THICK.

What is unique about playing a show in NYC versus other cities?

Kate: We get a lot more beer spit at us.

Shari: The NYC music scene has so much rock ‘n’ roll and punk culture behind it.  It’s easy to forget how the Village had so many amazing artists play there in the past decades. I think DIY culture in Brooklyn will be a part of music history, and it was incredible to play some of the iconic DIY spots. RIP to all the fallen venues.

What do you hope people take away from your performances?

Kate: A sense of community. The world is weird, but you’re not alone.

Nikki: Nostalgia and a good time.

Shari: There’s a specific moshing and crowd surfing that’s safe and fun at our shows.

What are you most excited about in your music right now?

Kate: That we’re writing more! Definitely looking forward to getting back into the studio. We’ve also been getting the opportunity to play a lot of shows with really inspiring humans.

Shari: I’m looking forward to writing and touring more.

Nikki: I can’t wait to record the new songs and go on more tours.

What was your first concert? 

Kate: I had gone to other shows with my parents growing up (Jingle Ball, anyone?), but the first show I remember going to alone was Green Day on their American Idiot tour at Giants Stadium, or somewhere out in the Meadowlands.

Shari: My first real show was Good Charlotte and Home Grown when I was 14 on Long Island. I also saw Third Eye Blind the same year (still a huge fan).

Nikki: Brittney Spears was my first ever show, but the first one that I was actually a fan of was when I went to Warped Tour when I was 14. I saw Taking Back Sunday (plus a bazillion other emo bands) and crowd surfed for the first time.

What is your fondest musical memory from last year?

Kate: Does New Year’s Eve count? We played a show at Rough Trade NYC, all of our friends were there and it was definitely one of the best ways I’ve rung in a New Year.

Nikki:  The entire West Coast tour was SO MUCH FUN.

Shari: The Cherry Glazerr show was so crazy and fun. Also the NYE show, just seeing friends and family having the best time.

Tell us about your first pair of Dr. Martens. 

Shari: I’m looking forward to getting my first pair!!

Nikki: My first pair was in like 2015. And they were the classic boots. I decided to “break them in” when I worked a double waitressing shift. I was waddling around for the last 4 hours of that shift. I still have them! And they are broken in now!!

Kate: They weren’t my first pair, but my favorites were a pair fo the Alix boots. They’re extra tall and have slightly pointed toes and they’re the most perfect thing I’ve ever owned. I stopped wearing them because the zipper pull vanished at some point, but they’re still sitting in my closet because I want to revive them.

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