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The Dr. Martens Presents music tour continues August 17, with the Mackenzie Scott of Torres playing at Dr. Martens-Union Square in New York City. The Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter’s new album, Three Futures, drops September 29; and if the record’s anything like the Kate Bush-esque title track, we’re in for some lilting dream rock punctuated with fuzzy, gritty guitar and provocative undertones — and by that same logic, this is bound to be an epic and sexy show. We recently caught up with Mackenzie to get the scoop on her influences, her writing style, and why she thinks Britney Spears is so underrated.

Where does the name Torres come from?

It’s a family name. My grandfather was Mexican and Spanish.

You grew up in Georgia. How does growing up in the south — or being a southern transplant in New York  City — inform your music, if at all?

It just makes me drawl out my vowels a little more.

What/who were your biggest influences on this new album? Musical or otherwise?

Alejandro Jodorowsky, Edward Hopper, Kate Bush, Portishead and Terry Riley.


Photo credits, left to right: Roman Sobus PhotographyNadia Davoli 

How do you compose your work? Does the guitar riff come first? The lyrics/melody?

Lyrics first, always. Musically I try to change the process with each record, so this time I wrote most of my melodies around drum beats that I made with a Korg Volca.

You said on Twitter that Britney Spears is very underrated. Can you expand on that?

Britney is, in my opinion, my generation’s Madonna.

She doesn’t get her due credit — I feel like maybe people don’t take her seriously as a superstar. She was my first musical role model ever. I used to put on her first couple of records in my bedroom and sing and make up my own dance moves and pretend I was performing for tons of people. She’s just iconic.

You’re a prolific reader, and your songwriting seems based in storytelling. Have you ever been drawn to writing fiction? Will we see any short stories coming from you?

I write lots of fiction. I have imminent plans for a short story collection when the time is right.

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