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We caught up with Hull-based rapper Chiedu Oraka, as he releases his new single and video ‘Flex‘, to talk all thing music, inspiration and what he stands for… 

Chiedu Oraka performed at our #SFSTOUR16.
For those who don’t know Chiedu Oraka, how would you sum yourself and your sound up in a sentence?
I am very unpredictable. Sometimes I don’t even know what I am going to do next, but at the same time I’m very passionate about delivering a sound that represents Northern working class England. 
You’ve just released a new music video ‘Flex’, can you talk us through the inspiration behind it?
Yes ‘Flex’ is the new single. The first official track of the year from me and my team and the first track I have ever put on iTunes, Spotify and all the other digital outlets. The inspiration came from me and the producer of the track, Deezkid’s, obsession with UK Garage. Everything about UK Garage we love; the sounds, the MC’s, the skanks [a type of dance] and even the dress code. Its overall feel-good vibe is the perfect way to bring people together and have a real good knees up. That’s what inspired the direction of the video. I wanted people to send me clips of what ever emotion they felt when listening to ‘Flex’, so I sent the track out about a month ago to a handfull of people and if the footage was usable then we used it. People from all walks of life got involved and I was so grateful for the response. Big up everyone who sent me footage! Even if you didn’t make the final edit, I actually love you all. 
You can see the video below: 
What are you most excited about for the year ahead?
Well, Hull is the 2017 city of culture which is just so sick for the people of Hull; we deserve to be catapulted into the spotlight. We have an incredible city. So much stuff will be happening in and around the city and I cant wait to be a part of it. The opening ceremony was such a great night for me personally because they chose one of my songs as part of a huge visual display, which was broadcasted to over 25,000 people. I was so gassed I can’t lie, but that’s just a snippet of what’s going to be happening this year. I am so excited about so many things, such as the two EPs I will be releasing this year, mine and Deezkid’s ‘Lockdown’ clothing, Deezkid’s EP, mine and my team’s rave night ‘Audacity’, and don’t forget the all the different shows and gigs. This year no games can be played, no prisoners will be taken and if you’re not down for the cause then to be honest, you can ‘do one’. 
What’s your favourite thing about the city you live in?
The rawness of the people, the masses of potential no matter the field and the unapologetic honesty. We are sick, we just need to start believing in ourselves more. 
List three tracks you’re listening to right now:
1. Izzie Gibbs – Lava Lamp
2. Stormzy – Big for your boots
3. The Specials – Too much too young 
Chiedu Oraka wears the Cavendish shoe in cherry red.
Do you remember your first Dr. Martens?
My first pair of Doc’s were the Adrian Arcadian loafers. I bought them in London about 3 or 4 years ago. I wasn’t brave enough back then to get one of the traditional pairs, but after copping these and after a year or two of wearing the Adrian Arcadia’s I was ready to explore and buy a few more pairs. 
And finally, what do you stand for?
Being myself at all times, and being articulate in a sense that is relatable to the people around me is my mission statement. There’s no fancy frills or gimmicks, just passion, frustration and good energy. These are the ingredients that make up me and my music. You might be thinking ‘how can all that mix together, surely that’s a recipe for failure?’. When you are from the place I am from, being the underdog and being doubted is the norm, but the stories I have to tell and the lifestyle me and my peers are living will intrigue you musically and socially. 
Find out more about Chiedu Oraka on his Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

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