Meet Birmingham-based duo Ekkah, who’s funk-inspired sound focuses on PMA. Positive Mental Attitude. We caught up with them to talk all things inspiration, what they stand for and of course Doc’s…

EKKAH on the Dr. Martens Stage at Live at Leeds. Photography by Ruth Hindle.

For those who don’t know Ekkah, how would you sum yourselves up in a sentence?
EKKAH is Bex & Rebekah, Ekkah is disco, girl power, strength, and fun – Ekkah is a soundtrack of funk inspired dancefloor beats!

You were previously in a band called ‘Arcadian Kicks’, has being in a band together something you’ve always wanted?
We’ve both always been into music and as young girls we eventually found out that we were both obsessed with Madonna: Bex used to sing along to Like A Prayer on her little home karaoke machine, and that’s also the first song I (Rebekah) learned to play on sax! If that’s not meant to be, we don’t know what is. Writing & performing music is the backbone of our friendship and we can’t imagine it any other way.

Last year you took the stage at the likes of Glastonbury and British Summer Time, what is your stand-out moment of 2016?
It has to be Glastonbury. We played a few hours after finding out about Brexit which really hit us hard, but we wanted to go out and give the best performance ever. It was an amazing and emotional gig and the whole crowd really went for it, this just proves how much music can unite people and that is exactly what we set out to do!

Your single ‘Space between us’ is said to be inspired by the late David Bowie. Would you say he’s your biggest influence within your sound?
If any musician says they are not inspired by David Bowie they are lying to you. It’s not only his music that inspires us, but how he dared going against the rules of what was considered acceptable at the time, and how he won everyone’s heart over by doing so.

Tell us about your first Dr. Martens:
Rebekah: OMG I still have my first pair and I love them so much! I got them second hand from the market in Birmingham when I was 20 I think, for £25. They were a washed out white/ pink colour from the 80’s. I’ve worn them to every festival I’ve been to ever since and they are always going to be my festival boot of choice!
Bex: My first ones were a classic pair of lace up black boots! I wore them pretty much every single day for 3 years! I even climbed Snowdon in them with Rebekah a couple of years back! I also have a new iridescent glitter pair that I wear at shows and I LOVE!

EKKAH wearing the 1460 boots.

Name three tracks you can’t get enough of:
1. Franc Moody – In too deep
2. !!! – Dancing In is the best revenge
3. Amber Mark – Can you hear me?

You’ve recently played on our Dr. Martens Stage at Live at Leeds, what plans do you have for the rest of the year?
Our main plan for this summer is finishing our album. It’s our baby and we cannot wait for you lot to hear it!!

What’s your favourite thing about the city you live in?
We now both live in London. It is 100% the best city for music, fashion, food, art, partying… the list goes on! I think our favourite thing is that so many of our friends live here, and we get so much inspiration for our songs just by being in the city and absorbing the different cultures and the vibes.

And finally, what do you stand for?
PMA – positive mental attitude. Life is tough sometimes and we’re lucky we have each other through the good and bad times. We think about this when we write music and we want to share it with everyone that comes across our songs or see us play shows: PMA!

Find out more about EKKAH on their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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