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Following the release of their latest single ‘California’, we caught up with bassist Sam Douglas from Mallory Knox, to talk all things inspiration, and what they have in store for the year ahead. Read on to find out more…

Mallory Knox.

For those who don’t know Mallory Knox, how would you sum yourselves up in a sentence?
Our own favourite band that could be yours too.

You’ve just released a new single ‘California’, can you tell us about the inspiration behind this?
‘California’ was one in the first batch of songs we wrote for ‘Wired’. I wrote the beginnings of the song when I went on a weekend away with my girlfriend last summer, so I guess that’s why the song as a whole has a bit of a summer and feel good vibe. The lyrics however are quite dark and sad when you read into them a little deeper. The message as a whole is quite positive in the sense you’re trying to help someone close to you out of a bad place they find themselves in, but it also acknowledges how it’s never easy to just make yourself or someone happy again at the click of your fingers so to speak.

March saw the release of your latest album ‘Wired‘, what can we expect from it?
I think it’s just a very honest record, sonically and lyrically. We just wanted to create an album that was completely real, from the way the whole album was recorded to what we were actually singing about. We’ve kinda done things metaphorically before, lyrically that is, but this time it really felt like we were wearing our hearts on our sleeve throughout the process of creating and recording ‘Wired’. We’re a very old school band in the sense we don’t have any backing tracks when we play live, we don’t even play to click, when we get up and play a show it’s literally just us five, and in a way that can put us in a pretty vulnerable situation, especially in this day and age with the amount of bands that have computers to back them when shit goes wrong. But, that also makes us play even harder and I think that’s what we wanted to do with this album. Capture those moments when you feel as vulnerable as you do passionate. That’s what ‘Wired’ is to me.

To listen to their latest album ‘Wired’ click here, or watch their latest single ‘California’ below:

Ahead of the festival circuit this year, do you have any stand out memories of 2016?
2016 was all about the making of the album for us. We had this amazing studio in the middle of the countryside, surrounded by nothing and we spent what is one of my favourite months of being in this band there recording what I think is our best album to date. Festival season is wonderful, but being able to spend your summer in the country recording something you’ve spent the last year of your life working on with four of your best mates is pretty special. Not everyone gets to have a summer like that. Plus the Euros were on as well so it was literally music, football and beer pretty much consistently for a month, what could be better?

Which festivals are you most excited for this year?
Reading & Leeds is always the one that jumps out at you. We’ve been lucky enough to play it twice before and this will be our second time on the Main Stage. We opened it once before which was great but to be higher up the bill this time hopefully the crowd will be all warmed up by the time we take to the stage, and I just wanna absolutely have it! I want to use that show to show what Mallory Knox really can do.

Tell us about your first Dr. Martens:
So I got my first ever pair of Doc’s like a week before Download Festival so I thought I’d wear them for then. I wasn’t used to wearing boots at the time and I’m so lazy the majority of the time, and being at Download means a hell of a lot of walking. Obviously with it being the great British summer it rained pretty much all weekend too, so my brand new Doc’s were absolutely caked in mud. Good thing is I’ve been wearing Doc’s pretty much constantly ever since, so thankfully my feet are used to boots by now.

Mallory Knox.

List three tracks you can’t get enough of:
1. The Amazons – Junk Food Forever
2. Ryan Adams – Shiver & Shake
3. Manic Street Preachers – Design For Life

What can we expect from you guys for the year ahead?
A shit load of touring I hope. We spent 2016 preparing for 2017 kinda thing, so this year I just want to travel anywhere we can and play wherever we can and show everyone what we can do now.

What’s your favourite thing about the city you live in?
I live in a small village just outside of Ely. It’s such a small city that we have to say we are from Cambridge, which is about half hour from me because no one has ever heard of Ely. But my favourite thing about it here is that this is home. I’ve lived here all my life and I couldn’t live anywhere else. I’m lucky enough to have been put in a position where I get to see the world and travel but sometimes nothing beats coming back home. My family all live here, and after touring the States for two months, or being away for a good period of time, it makes me realise how much I love where I come from. And how much I would have taken it for granted if I never left it.

And finally, what do you stand for?
Being true and honest to myself and the people that I care about. We live in a world where there is so much bullshit and hypocrisy and in a world where people live more of their lives online then they do in the real world, so all I want to do is surround myself with people that matter, and whose opinions I care about and live my life for them and for myself.

Find out more about Mallory Knox on their website, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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