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Dr. Martens have partnered with Live at Leeds 2017 who showcase some of the best new emerging talent, this bank holiday weekend. Alongside two Dr. Martens stages featuring bands such as Life, Rationale and Wild Beasts, we’ll be on hand on Saturday 29th April to capture your best DM’s streetstyle. We also have an exciting, intimate in-store gig with Leeds own indie-rock band The Pigeon Detectives. We caught up with lead singer Matt ahead of the weekend to find out more about their latest album, and plans for the year ahead…


For those who don’t know The Pigeon Detectives, how would you sum yourselves up in a sentence?
We have nothing to do with solving bird related crime, we do however write indie pop anthems!

You’ve just released your fifth studio album ‘Broken Glances’; can you talk us through the inspiration behind it?
The new album is a collection of all the ideas we’ve had over the last ten years that we were never brave enough to put on to the earlier records! It’s a liberation of all our frustrations, and a kind of exorcism with regards to breaking down all the self imposed parameters we’ve inflicted on ourselves as a band when writing music in the past. Overall it’s a mostly positive record about daring to dream and following your dreams… but it also documents the sometimes unexpected consequences of your dreams coming true (which is represented by the more darker moments on the album).

What was the biggest challenge in this process, if any?
Getting 10 songs we could all agree on and then recording them without killing each other was the biggest challenge! We’re still best friends as a band and have known each other for 27 years now, but that often creates a huge problem when trying to be creative because people are not afraid to speak their mind and disagree with each other. There’s no natural leader in the band and everyone is equal… which creates absolute chaos when trying to make important creative decisions!

Do you have a stand out gig or moment from 2016?
Playing the new songs and watching them get a sincerely positive reaction from the crowds was a real highlight of 2016 for me. Playing the ‘hits’ is easy as you know the crowd are down for that, but playing new songs can be nerve wracking. Our fans have really got on board with the new material and we’re really grateful for that.

Tell us about your first Dr. Martens:
Mine were oxblood red classic boots! I still own them even though they’re over 10 years old. I’ll wear them with anything, although my wife has recently banned me from wearing them with shorts as my legs are (in her words) “too pasty and scrawny”.

The Pigeon Detectives.

List three tracks you’re listening to right now:
1. Biffy Clyro – Wolves of Winter
2. Tame Empala – Let it Happen
3. The Pigeon Detectives – Little Bit Alone

What are you most excited for about the year ahead?
We’ve got some really exciting announcements to make in the very near future. As a band we have some landmark anniversaries coming up that we couldn’t let go uncelebrated. I can’t give away too much but it will involve some exclusive material being released for fans, and a celebratory tour towards the end of the year.

What’s your favourite thing about the city you live in?
I like everything about Leeds; the vibe, the people, the forward-thinking liberal attitude. It’s proximity to the Yorkshire Dales, the music scene, the shopping and nightlife… the list is endless. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel the world several times over with this band, but I always love coming home to Leeds.

And finally, what do you stand for?
To stop myself falling over, or from being in a constant state of ‘siting down’.

Head to our Dr. Martens Leeds store on Saturday 29th April for a free live performance by The Pigeon Detectives in partnership with Live at Leeds 2017.

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