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Aleksandra Lilah Denton or Shura as she’s known to her fans is the new queen of brooding bedroom-R&B. The Russian/English songstress’s tunes boast pillow-soft beats, languid basslines and sweet melodies. Shura is undoubtedly destined for stardom, read on to be in-the-know before she’s a household name…


For those who don’t know Shura, how would you sum yourself and your sound up in one sentence?
Awkward Pop Music.
How did you find performing in such an intimate venue, having just played the DM’s Boot Room
My favourite gigs have always been intimate rooms. It’s nice to be able to connect with fans in that way and also reminds me of how I started. Playing in tiny rooms to a few people. It’s actually much scarier playing to 60 people where you can see all there faces and actually talk to them than a room of 1000+ but I love it!
My favourite gigs have always been intimate rooms.

With your debut album ‘Nothing’s Real’ out, and having been on tour as well as a summer full of festivals – how was the past few months been for you?
The past few months have been awesome. It’s been great to start writing the second record and get back into the studio after years of touring. The studio feels like a very safe space. Given that I’m phobic of flying it’s been nice not to have to get on a plane every weekend! 
Tell us about your first Dr. Martens:
My first pair were just the classic black lace ups. You have to own them at least once in your life. They’re an essential! I’ve since branched out but there’s something about the original that you just can’t beat. It’s a design classic and they go with pretty much everything!
 Shura sings for that soul-searing moment when hearts are not breaking, but broken – Pitchfork.
Photo by Tim Easton.
Photo by Tim Easton.

Jack Daniels and BrewDog were on hand to provide the drinks for the Shura’s gig in the DM’s Boot Room.

Photo by Tim Easton.

Three tracks you’re listening to right now:
The Distance by Gavin Turek
Bodak Yellow by Cardi B (whenever I’m trying to get pumped for a gym class!)
What’s your favourite thing about the city you live in?
I love Shepherd’s Bush. Basically because everything you could ever need or want is there but it’s not typically thought of as a cool part of London so there’s no bullshit! There’s so many different cultures in one tiny place.
What are you most excited for about the year ahead?
Finishing my next record!
And finally, what do you stand for?

 That’s a tricky one to answer because often I think you end up standing for things you never realised you would just by being yourself. Probably being different, awkward, anxious and that being ok!

Find out more about Shura on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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