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We’ve seen dozens of people wearing our Dr. Martens X Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Collection collaboration boots. When designers and fashion bloggers Glen and Bruce called to tell us about how much they love their new TMNT Boots, we asked them to elaborate.  

Twins product
Bruce and Glen in the Donnie and Raph Boots.
Introduce yourselves:
We are Bruce and Glen Proctor, The Fashion Preachers! We are fashion designers and pastors at The Rock Church Manhattan! We also blog and have a street style show on YouTube called Street Style WOW!
What got you excited about the Dr. Martens x TMNT collaboration?
We loved how animated they are. They look alive! Glow in the dark graphics, 3D face masks and contrast shoe strings are everything and more that we’d hope for in a collab like this! Dr. Martens really does it best! 
Were you Turtles fans when you were kids?
Of course! We had TMNT bed sheet sets, TMNT action figures, and the TMNT videotapes! We still even watch the new cartoon revamp when we have time! 
Twins both boots
The Raph boot, and the Donnie boot.
If you could be any Turtle, who would you be and why?
Glen: I’d be Donnie because I’m the smart one of the pair, lol! JK! I love that they are each so different. That’s the beauty of the franchise.
Bruce: I’d be Mikey… eating everything and dreamy! I think that we all can relate to each of these brothers at some point in time depending on the day and situation! 
You guys are rocking those boots and tie-dye. How would you describe your style in general?
Our style is fun and colorful hence our fav hashtag #fashionisfunagain! We like using fashion to express outwardly the joy that we have on the inside! The more patterns in one look, the better! When people see us walking down the street and smile, our job is done! #stylegoals 
Twins Goofy
The Raph boot and the Donnie boot.
What do you stand for?
We stand for LOVE! We have been loved by Jesus, family, and friends in such a way that it has brought out the very best in us! Love brings out the best in people! If we want to change the world, we have to love everyone regardless of our differences! 
The TMNT x Dr. Martens Collection is almost sold out online, you can find further sizes our stores
Find out more about Bruce and Glen on their website, Instagram, and Twitter