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The end of October saw the opening of our new Studio City, California Store. To celebrate the launch we invited everyone down for a in-store performance from legendary rock band Rocket From The Crypt, as well as Plague Vendor. Airbrush artist extraordinaire Mike Fisher was also on hand during the day offering a customisation service with Rocket From The Crypts artwork. Catch a video of the evening below:

We also caught up with both bands during the day to talk all things music and Docs. Catch what both vocalists John Reis (RFTC) and Brandon Blaine (Plague Vendor) had to say below:


John Reis from Rocket From The Crypt performing in our Studio City, California Store.
Rocket From The Crypt performing in our Studio City, California Store.

You’ve played together on and off for years, does it feel the same as when you first started?
It feels the same. It feels the same as even before we started. For me personally, being a little kid and staring at a blank wall listening to music, and you know, pretending to conduct a symphony that’s not there – those are the things that don’t change. To anyone else looking in it’s obviously different, but the feeling doesn’t change. The reason we do the things that we do is still the same.

What does Rocket From The Crypt stand for today and is it different from when you started?
The band always stood for celebrating Rock n’ Roll, celebrating life. We didn’t start this band to be about those things. We started the band because we wanted to be loud, and make noise and spit. What we stood for, it kind of defined itself, and that we’re all more alike than different. So we always consider ourselves — even when we were very young — this multi-generational Rock n’ Roll circus. Then we found an audience, then a family, and we do these things that made us belong.

Rocket From The Crypt performing in our Studio City, California Store.

How did the ‘Get a Rocket From The Crypt logo tattoo and you get free entry to show’ deal come into being? Do you still honour it?
That wasn’t a rule, it was something that just kind of happened by accident. An artist we know came up with this logo. We all liked it and the band members got it tattooed on us. Our friends got it as tattoos as well; these were people who were normally on our guest list and it grew out of that. It was very much a San Diego thing.

True story: we were in St. Louis and someone pulled me aside and said, “I have the tattoo, can I get into the show for free?” and I said, ‘Sure, let me check it.” He lifts up his pants to reveal a tattoo of a carrot. And I was like, well that’s a rad carrot. You just let the guy with the carrot in.

Rocket From The Crypt performing in our Studio City, California Store.

You originally reunited to play for kids on the show ‘Yo! Gabba Gabba’, what sparked that decision and how did that lead to an official reunion?
I’m actually on the show as a recurring character because the creators of the show are fans of the band. That’s how that happened. Those guys are awesome and the show was great. That is a really inspiring place to watch all these people creating that show on the fly, making these costumes and sets. I get so much energy from being there. It’s incredible.

Can you name some bands you love from San Diego?
I love this band Mrs. Magician; I think they’re incredible. Oh, and Beehive and The Barracudas – I think are one of the best bands in the world.

Do you remember your first pair of Docs?
I was in ninth grade and my parents drove up to Melrose. I got a pair of green suede three-eyes. I’ve never had the boots. I love boots, but I prefer something with a pointy toe myself.


Plague Vendor performing at our Studio City, California Store

You’re signed with Epitaph Records – how does it feel to be a part of that label?
Crazy, because growing up and going to shows and seeing all that shit, it’s cool. I think Brett [Gurewitz] just heard our records that we put out ourselves and was like, ‘I want to sign you guys, this is awesome,’ and so we handled it, did the deed, did the deal. I think we’re discovering now that we’re more comfortable with the label; we have a lot more freedom than we actually know. It’s like, you go into someone’s house, and you sit down and you’re very neat. And the next time you come over it’s like, cool, and the third time you come over and you’re like, oh, fuck it [mimes breaking a cabinet door off its hinges]. That’s not we’re going to do the label, but, you figure it out.

Plague Vendor performing at our Studio City, California Store

What does it feel like to play with Rocket From The Crypt?
I love Rocket From The Crypt, I love Obits, I love Hot Snakes. We played with Hot Snakes before. We met Mario [Rubalcaba, of Hot Snakes and OFF!] who we’ll be touring with in November. And we met John Reis which is really cool, and we had a good time backstage with them. I love all three of those bands very much. You know, you’re at home and it’s like ‘what are we doing, what are we doing?’ Then it’s like, ‘Oh Dr. Martens wants to give you guys a pair of shoes and have you play a show.’ And it’s like, fuck it let’s do it! It feels amazing, an honour and I’m humbled by it.

Do you remember your first pair of Docs?
Yes. I got them when I was in the UK, the 2976 Chelsea boot. I discovered the Chelsea boot and I was like, this is so fucking cool. Actually, fuck, my first pair was actually… we were in the UK and they gave us a pair and they were lace-up. But I remember my Chelsea pair and I still wear them to this day. They’re amazing. They’re black. Everything I have is pretty much black. But I love slipping it on. I’m very OCD, I’m always looking at my laces like, ‘are my laces tight? This lace looks different compared to that lace’ So with slip on, it’s just like, in and out.

In California? Head down to our new Studio City Store.