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Dr. Martens Collaborates, Music


In the year of our 60th anniversary, we’re paying tribute to iconic musicians who hold an important place in our history. As ‘the godfathers of heavy metal’, Black Sabbath’s ties with DM’s run deep.
Before there was metal, there was Black Sabbath. Everything about their sound (and spirit) tore from the status quo. Smashing out raw, distorted riffs and tight, one-take recordings, Sabbath torched the rulebook and upended the scene. When their first two records landed, seven months apart, in 1970, they set the tone for a new era of harder, heavier guitar music.

The tuned-down muddy-blues sound was unlike anything the world had heard before. And inspired legions of heavy metal bands, who in turn inspired legions of renegade metal fans. Fans who brought our boots into another subculture.
This year, the groundbreaking albums celebrate their joint 50th anniversaries, as we mark our 60th. And we’re marking the shared milestones with an exclusive collaboration — featuring the unmistakable artwork shot and designed by ‘Keef’ (Keith McMillan).

Dr. Martens x Black Sabbath is a celebration of our shared heritage: heavy metal and the subversive style that came with it. Available now in limited numbers.
EU: https://bit.ly/3n0LFTJ
US & INTL: https://bit.ly/2S89F9p

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