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Dr. Martens Collaborates


60 years of dedicated fans and the same subversive attitude. We’ve got more in common than you’d think.
Dr. Martens are reuniting with Japanese brand Sanrio for an all-new collection. And this time round, we’re putting the spotlight on even more characters from the family. Alongside Hello Kitty, we’re calling Bad Badtz-Maru, Kerokerokeroppi, My Melody and more to the stage.

Hello Kitty’s humble beginnings started as a simple graphic on a purse. But it took off. Landing in the USA in the mid-70s, the brand resonated with Japanese-Americans who grew up during that era. And soon, it was everywhere. From Hello Kitty planes to Hello Kitty theme parks, she wasn’t just a purse anymore. She was a worldwide phenomenon.
Clashing colourful Hello Kitty and Friends graphics with tough DM’s silhouettes, the collaboration includes a new take on the 1460 boot, enhanced with characters and a red bow graphic. Also headlining is the Jadon boot, fitted with colourful upper stitching, four different colour eyelets and Sanrio motifs. Completing the adult collection is our 1461 shoe, detailed with a colourful all-over print with characters from the Hello Kitty and Friends family.
Introducing Hello Kitty and Friends:

©️ ’76,’88,’93,’96,’01,’21, SANRIO CO., LTD

Name: Cinnamon
Name origin: His tail is all curly just like a cinnamon roll. He was given his name by the lady at Cafe Cinnamon
Birthplace: The lady who runs Cafe Cinnamon. One day she spotted him drifting down out of the clouds, and they’ve been together ever since
Personality: Calm and quiet but very friendly. He will sometimes fall asleep on customers’ laps


©️ ’76,’88,’93,’96,’01,’21, SANRIO CO., LTD

Names: Lala & Kiki
Birthplace/Home: Star of Compassion in the Dream Galaxy
Lala Hobbies/Personality: Lala loves to draw pictures and write poems. She’s timid and a bit of a crybaby sometimes.
Kiki Hobbies/Personality: Kiki loves star fishing and inventing things. Kiki is brimming with curiosity, a little cheeky and a tad hasty sometimes.

©️ ’76,’88,’93,’96,’01,’21, SANRIO CO., LTD

Name: Keroppi Hasunoue
Birthplace/Home: Donut Pond
Skills: Swimming and singing
Personality: Full of energy! Popular with all the folks in Donut Pond

©️ ’76,’88,’93,’96,’01,’21, SANRIO CO., LTD

Name: Purin
Birthplace/Home: A special basket in the entrance to his owners’ home
Hobbies: Collecting shoes (Owner’s shoes, wife’s sandals etc. Likes to hide them one by one)
Skills: Naps after lunch, Purin exercises, making friends with anyone

©️ ’76,’88,’93,’96,’01,’21, SANRIO CO., LTD

Name: Badtz-Maru
Birthplace/Home: Oahu, Hawaii
Hobbies: Collecting movie posters of famous villains
Favourite Food: The most expensive sushi in Ginza

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