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Dr. Martens Collaborates


Designed for workers. Adopted by rebellious thinkers. The DM’s boot and Schott Perfecto jacket share a lot of DNA. To celebrate our first-ever collection with the iconic American retailer, we checked in with Jason Schott, the brand’s COO and fourth-gen family member, to discuss the similarities between the two iconic designs and why they’ve both proved to be so enduring.
Discover more about our first collaboration with Schott NYC here.

1) Schott celebrated its 100th anniversary this decade, while Dr. Martens marks its 60th next year. Why do you think the two brands have proved to be so timeless?

Both the Schott NYC Perfecto® jacket and Dr. Martens boots have stood the test of time because they are built to last and only get better with age. As you wear both everyday, they form to fit you in a unique way and go everywhere with you, becoming a part of your everyday wardrobe and a part of your history. Memories are made wearing both your Schott NYC Perfecto® jacket and Dr Martens boots and they become cherished pieces because of where they’ve been along the way.

2) Even though the Perfecto jacket and 1460 boot were initially designed to be robust, functional pieces, they were both adopted by punk and other countercultures in the second half of the 20th Century. Why do you think these utilitarian designs appeal to rebellious figures?

Both products have transformative powers, you put them on and feel tougher. Like a suit of armour, both are heavy duty, made to be worn tough and take a beating. The stiff heavyweight leather of both Schott NYC Perfecto® jackets and Dr. Martens boots need to be broken in, and that isn’t an easy task. It takes strength, grit and hard wearing to make them your own, all traits of tough individuals.

3) Both the jacket and boot have also been customised by many tribes and creative individuals over the decades. Why do you think they make such a great canvas for their wearers?

Both our Products lend themselves to personalities that want to stand out from the crowd. Customizing jackets and boots is a way to take a classic and make it unique and special.

4) Lastly, what does Dr. Martens mean to you? 

Headstrong individuality and tenacity


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