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Dr. Martens Collaborates, Music


When the Sex Pistols stormed onto the scene in 1975, they changed everything. Loud, brash and raucous, their music kicked back against the clean-cut pop and overly-complex prog of the 70s. And the world of music felt it. Though the anarchy burnt out after two short years, the Pistols’ cultural footprint remains to this day.
They were punk incarnate. A band so in tune with the DMs spirit that this collection almost felt inevitable. It’s been 44 years since Johnny Rotten and co. were first seen stomping around in their 1460s. Now the two punk icons join forces for the first time.
Our collection is inspired by Jamie Reed’s iconic album artwork for Never Mind the Bollocks. The 1490 10-eye boot, 1460 8-eye boot, 1925 steel toe, Pressler canvas lace-up and Toomey canvas slip-on are all here, and the range is complete with a matching satchel, rucksack and t-shirts.
Our 1460, emblazoned with a digitised print of the band’s iconic bass player: Sid Vicious.
The 1925 is a classic 3-eye shoe with an exposed steel toe cap. Mismatched, with one half reading ‘Boredom’, and one reading ‘Nowhere’, it’s a tribute to the artwork for the single ‘Pretty Vacant’.
And, of course, the 1490: a favourite of the anti-establishment, worn by punks, goths and other rebels since the 70s. Emblazoned with black and white song lyrics, this one-off version draws on the anarchic, found-letter aesthetic of Jamie Reid’s iconic typography.
Don’t wait around if you want it – because nobody else will.
See and shop the whole collection below:
EU: http://bit.ly/2BzPclZ
US & INTL: http://bit.ly/2MHcbj8

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