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Dr. Martens Collaborates


Our new four-way collab with streetwear brand Supreme and UNDERCOVER features artwork from Public Enemy‘s acclaimed 1990 album Fear of a Black Planet on the classic Doc’s 1461 shoe.

Following the success of our previous Supreme collaboration styles, this time around we tie in music. The distinctive cover from Fear of a Black Planet adds a contemporary and eye-catching element to our 3-eye shoe; with the space scape design and bold typography elevating an already iconic style.

Public Enemy is an American hip-hop group, considered to be one of the most influential of all time. Their experimental sound and politically conscious lyrics resonated with fans around the globe. Fear of a Black Planet was their third album and 25 years on the album remains relevant, urgent and disruptive.

The DR. MARTENS X SUPREME X UNDERCOVER X PUBLIC ENEMY shoe is completed with Dr. Martens heat-sealed, welted sole, AirWair technology and premium leather upper.



The DR. MARTENS X SUPREME X UNDERCOVER X PUBLIC ENEMY 1461 shoe is available on drmartens.com now.  Shop the collaboration on our US and UK websites now. 


4 thoughts

  • Hello. I just want to let you guys know that the website is a little out of sync with the actual website. I literally screamed this morning when I seen the supreme x public enemy collaboration. My email said 135$, so you could imagine my glee. Until I actually went on the website. To see that they are actually 178$😮😩. Sigh! I still bought them and will probably be eating air & ice for dinner due to the difference for the next 2 weeks (lol), never the less I’d just thought I’d let you guys know. I have screenshot my email if you would like a picture. Thank you.

      • I did and they reached out to me! Thank you so much! I will FOREVER find a reason to stock my closet with Docs! Just from the customer service alone! Doc Martens ROCK AND ERIN ROCKS!! 🤟🏾😍

  • OMG! my name is Clover (yes really) and so I had to have the Shamrock boot. Got excellent customer service from the Santa Monica Ca store, and they arrived today! However… I agree with Shannon, I got no view of the Public Enemy boot until I came to the blog. It wasn’t in my “new” email either. Oh well, Shannon B. and I will be on the same diet for a while 🙂

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