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In our new conversation series ‘5 Minutes With…’, we chat style, culture, influences and of course, Docs, with creatives who are shaking up the scene. From musicians and artists to tattooists and change-makers, we get under the skin of the exciting characters wearing Dr. Martens.
Here, we’re talking to Scottish singer-songwriter Lewis Capaldi, who will soon be taking to the stage as part of our eight days of music and talent at Dr. Martens Presents. You can catch Lewis Capaldi playing in our Dr. Martens store in Cambridge on 2nd November.
1. What’s your pre-gig ritual?
When I first started touring I used to think that if I had three or four beers before I went on stage that I would be in the sweet spot; like that’s when I felt my voice was at its best for some reason. A year on and I can’t drink at all before I play or I sound like I’m a shrieking pig, so that’s out the window. Now it’s pretty boring. I just bought this porcelain steam inhaler thing that I’ve been buzzing about, so that’s an indication of where my life is. Aside from that I always just take a moment to myself to think ‘please don’t let this go wrong’.

2. If you could play a gig with anyone dead or alive who would it be?
I’ve recently become like re-obsessed with Queen, so to play a gig with the original line-up would obviously be incredible. Think it would be for any band or fan of music in general to be honest.
3. What’s the most rebellious thing you’ve ever done?
I’m not really sure to be honest mate, I’ve never had anything to really rebel against. Only thing I can think of is when I was 16 my mum dragged me out of a nightclub for not answering her calls, so my first foray into rebellious behaviour didn’t really pan out well for me.

4. Favourite venue
Barrowlands in Glasgow is obviously a big one for me, being from Scotland. I’ve seen more bands there than in any other venue and it’s always class. Genuinely mental to me that I’ll be playing two shows there in November. Other than that Brixton Academy is another one, that really took me by surprise when I was first in there, definitely a goal to play in there someday!
5. Tell us about your favourite pair of Docs. What would your dream pair of Docs look like?
To be honest there’s something about the classic black Docs I love (like the 1460 black Smooth). I don’t need anything too fancy. Just think they look class.



You can be in with the chance to see Lewis Capaldi here.

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