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In our new conversation series ‘5 Minutes With…’, we chat style, culture, influences and of course, Docs, with creatives who are shaking up the scene. From musicians and artists to tattooists and change-makers, we get under the skin of the exciting characters wearing Dr. Martens.
Here, we’re talking to Austin of indie band Swim Deep who will soon be taking to the stage as part of our eight days of music and talent at Dr. Martens Presents. You can catch them playing in our Dr. Martens store in Birmingham on 4th November.
Austin from Swim Deep
1. What’s your pre-gig ritual?

I get super nervous. I try to calm myself by – cringe as it sounds – reminding myself why I live for this. That it will feel electric the minute I step on stage. That all my blues and bills will just fade away. And that helps the nerves. Oh, we also have a secret handshake we do without fail before every show, it’s called the ‘cinnamon roll’.

2. If you could play a gig with anyone dead or alive who would it be?

I mean I’ve always had an extremely healthy obsession/love for Lionel Richie, but I’m not sure that would work. It would have to be something that I knew was gonna be a total experience from dressing room to stage. Something dreamy and iconic. Maybe the Beach Boys. Again, it wouldn’t make sense but imagine being on one of the first Def Jam tours, or the NWA tours, pure energy…. But yeah, imagine if Swim Deep were the support act on the N.W.A tours… lol. There’s tonnes, there’s tonnes of new exciting and unique bands and artists out at the moment too, tbf, I just wanna tour for a few years now.

3. Favourite venue?

I have big dreams of selling out Madison Square Garden, and that Rocky Canyon place in the USA, but for now, I love the O2 Ritz in Manchester. I love Manchester and we love playing there. There’s a certain energy that is unrivalled. I believe that things happen to make these places sacred, and Manchester is a cathedral of love and music. And obviously, where it all started, the rainbow in Brum; it’ll go down in history in a very great way.

4. Tell us about your favourite pair of Docs?

The Vegan ones. I’d like to see baby green ones, you know like, pastel green, the kind you see on old Spanish walls, the smooth kind. That sounds mint, can I get some please?


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