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Glasgow based radio station Clyde Built Radio have established themselves as an inclusive platform for up-and-coming talent. Throwing an electric launch party at the iconic Barrowlands 2, we supported their first-ever broadcast with a night of live music.

We sat down with one of the founders of Clyde Built Radio, Andrew Thomson to talk venues, personal style and pre-gig rituals. Check it out below.
1. What’s your pre-gig ritual?

Nothing fixed. A quick run around town to clear my head would be nice…but doesn’t happen as much as I’d like.


2. What motivated you more to be where you are now: the people who said ‘you can’t do this’ or the people who said ‘you can’?

A bit of both hasn’t done any harm over the years, there’s always a bit of satisfaction in pulling something off that might be considered unimaginable before. I would far rather be encouraging than not though.


3. What does Dr. Martens mean to you?

A legacy brand steeped in underground music culture.

4. Favourite venue?

Bassiani and Reflector in Georgia, Salon des Amateurs in Dusseldorf, Nowadays and Good Room in NYC, Ohm and Berghain in Berlin, Carlton Club, Chorlton, Video Club in Bogota, Le Sucre in Lyon, Laut in Barcelona. Corsica Studios in London, De School in Amsterdam. Caracol in Sao Paulo. I’m sure there’s more, anywhere run by the right people really. RIP Plastic People.


5. How would you describe your style and how would your parents describe your style?

Classic and comfortable. I’m sure my parents think it’s weird I’ve been wearing cords from M&S for the past 10 years. Probably weird full stop.

6. What Docs are on your wishlist right now?

The shiny Chelsea boot


7. What advice would you give to young people trying to get where you are?

Do your thing, keep going. Sounds tired and overused at this point, but doing something that you believe in will get you through the knocks ahead.



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