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Not wanting to be defined by the genres her promoters kept labelling her with, South London singer-songwriter Shygirl carved her own. In October, we hosted an intimate performance in The Boot Room to celebrate her new music video for ‘BB’. Check out our interview below.


1. What’s your pre-gig ritual?

I wish I was organised enough to have a ritual — but at the moment, every moment before every show has been different

2. What do you want to achieve over the course of your career? Biggest ambitions?

The list is definitely long — but I’d love to have a number 1 song in the charts… at least a couple of times!

3. Tell us about your favourite pair of Docs. What would your dream pair of Docs look like?

I love the platform boots I have, always need a little extra height to feel fab and these ones are so comfy. I wear them every day


4. Best gig you’ve ever been to? Or the one you wish you’d been at?

I wish I’d been at coachella when Beyoncé headlined. I still haven’t seen her live


5. How would you describe your style and how would your parents describe your style?

My style is usually casual glam, not a kind of glam that just anyone can carry off comfortably. My mum would probably be diplomatic and say I have my own style

6. If you could play a gig with anyone dead or alive who would it be?

I’d love to play with Busta Rhymes — but back in the early 00’s

7. Favourite venue?

I don’t really have a favourite venue. If I go to see a show, the best thing is when an artist manages to transform the space when they play, so that the venue doesn’t really matter

8. What does self-expression mean to you?

Not feeling guilty for feeling or wanting

9. If you could have started any band, which would it be and why?

No Doubt. They were such a vibe

10. What motivated you more to be where you are now: the people who said ‘you can’t do this’ or the people who said ‘you can’?

Neither to be honest, the loudest voice is the one in your head and sometimes that one says you can’t or you can. It’s best to drown them all out and go with what feels best

11. Did you have a Plan B?

This was never Plan A — so I’m running off script at the moment


12. What advice would you give to young people trying to get where you are?

What’s for you will always find you if you put the work in


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