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GRL PWR Gang are a force to be reckoned with – individually and as a collective. Founded by Kirsti Hadley, GRL PWR Gang is made up of female creatives, artists, bloggers, designers and generally amazing women whose mission it is to provide a network for like-minded girls. They’re the ladies making ‘nice’ cool again.
We tasked some of the gang with styling our new DM’s sandals and caught up with founder Kirsti  and members Florence and Natalie to hear more about GRLPWR.


How are you styling our new sandals collection this season?

Kristi Hadley: With pink and leopard print and 70’s floral dresses – very much the way I style everything. The true test of a pair of shoes or sandals being right for you is if you can wear them with all your favourite outfits. The the pink fluffy DM’s Voss sandal is clearly ticking all the right boxes for me.

Florence Given wears the Vegan Metallic Blaire sandal.

What does Dr. Martens mean to you? 

When I think of Dr. Martens, I think: underground, indie, girl power and rebel. I also think it stands for dressing to please yourself. I have a pretty decent DM’s collection and they last for YEARS; each pair has memories attached to it. Dr. Martens are not throw away fashion. AGAIN – ticking ALL OF MY GRLPWR GANG boxes.

Nathalie Sade wears the Vibal sandal.

Do you have any tips for starting a ‘girl gang’? How did your girl gang come about?

YEP! In the words of one of the speakers from our last talk; JFDI (just f*cking do it!). GRLPWR GANG was born out of a very simple thought. That we would and could ALL elevate in our chosen careers more quickly and effectively by passing on our knowledge to the next generation, who in turn keep us fresh with their future ideas and perspectives.

We host monthly talks at Shoreditch House that, 2 years on, still have this exact thought at the heart of every panel discussion. We talk about the mission statement that you create for your business being the most important sentence you will write, ours is “GRLS HELPING GRLS”. It helps keep GRLPWR GANG on track when things get crazy busy and it keeps us headed for our end goal which is all girls helping themselves and each other to be as successful as they want to be.

“GRL PWR GANG stands for GRLS HELPING GRLS – we want girls to stop seeing each other as competition and collaborate with one another instead.”

And finally, what do you stand for? 

GRL PWR GANG stands for GRLS HELPING GRLS. We want girls to stop seeing each other as competition and collaborate with one another instead. We want to see an end to the old fashioned mean girl attitude and we want to see access to the creative industries for all girls that want in, not just the well connected, elite few. In this digital age we should and can, all be well connected regardless of our background and that can happen if we all commit to helping each other instead of holding one other back.

Discover more about GRL PWR GANG on Instagram and Twitter.
Shop our sandals collections on our UK and US sites. 


2 thoughts

  • I purchased Dr. Martin Vegan boots from a vegan shoes store in Vancouver. I wore my boots for about a month for the sole to fall apart. I returned the boots and got a second pair from the store. My second pair I wore daily for a month and a half to two months. The exact same thing happened. The black plastic with stitching had again come apart from the clear gum bottom. I returned to the store and they tolde they could not help me a second time. So I took them to have repaired and all the shoe repair places I went said they can not be glued back together. Now I have boots that I can no longer wear. I had invested in Dr. Martins because as I remember they were a extremely durable and long lasting foot wear.
    I am hoping that I can get some help from Dr. Martins with either a solution to this problem or a exchange of a very expensive product that I used to believe in.

    • Hi Bobbie-Joe, we’re sorry to hear of this. Please send us a private message letting us know your email address so that we can assist further. Many thanks.

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