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Our Wicker Park store in Chicago got a fresh new look, including a mural that celebrates the people and vibrant culture of the city. We sat down to talk with the artist, Hailey Marie Losselyong, about the inspiration behind her work.

Tell us about yourself:

My name is Hailey Marie Losselyong and I am a visual artist here in Chicago. My work aims to capture the intricacies and strength of the feminine form through abstract portraits of women across identities. Murals, which are often infused with elements of nature and local culture, can be found across Chicago; and now in the Dr. Martens Wicker Park location! Outside of work as a muralist and canvas painter, I like to create digital art, apparel design, and home decor.

Photos by Leandro Lara

How would you describe your artistic style?

My art is meant to highlight and embrace duality with an emphasis on femininity. The abstract portraiture is meant to show how people can be soft and bold simultaneously.

You recently created a beautiful mural for our Wicker Park store in Chicago. Could you tell us more about the meaning behind it?

This mural is special because it gave me the opportunity to incorporate people in my life that constantly inspire me with their creativity and style. Dr. Martens aren’t anything new and maybe I’m hyper-aware from this project, but I see them EVERY day here in Chicago. Dr. Martens are truly made for every person and any occasion, so I wanted to include diverse figures that embody the vibrancy of Chicago. With an emphasis on movement and flow, I wanted the piece to grab your attention as soon as you walk in.

My friends that were used as references are local Chicago creatives, Symone, Letesha, Dennis, and Prisca.

Where do you pull inspiration from?

I’m often inspired by people who I know personally but more specifically the women in my life. We’re complex and are often faced with many challenges or limitations simply for being women. I’m surrounded by such strength and beauty, I aim to capture those qualities in my work. Duality is a common theme and being multifaceted, I want the work to encourage these differences instead of placing limitations. We can be strong, but soft. Bold, but sensitive. It’s okay to be all these things.

Do you have a favorite medium to work in?

I don’t have a favorite yet but I’m taking the time to bounce around mediums and see what feels the best. This project with Dr. Martens has inspired me to get back into painting more wearable pieces. I really love painting on anything leather, bags, jackets, boots, etc. These are always fun projects because I love the idea of someone wearing these pieces out in the world or even displaying them in their home. Wearable art, that duality again.

Do you remember your first pair of Dr. Martens?

My first pair of Docs were these deep red Mary Janes. I got them from a second-hand shop, and I was ecstatic.  My first pair of new DM’s boots came from the Wicker Park store! These immediately turned into work boots. I wore them every single day for 3 months straight and they were so worn in they felt like slippers.

Can you tell us more about Chicago?

Chicago is an incredible city that has so much beauty and talent. You can find a strong sense of community everywhere you go; especially in arts and entertainment. There are so many unique neighborhoods, styles, cultures, etc. There is always somewhere new to explore. Sometimes it feels like Chicago is treated as an underdog of major cities but the pride here is strong and the work ethic is unmatched!

You can learn more about Hailey on her website or on Instagram. Visit the mural in person at our Dr. Martens Wicker Park store, located at 1561 N Milwaukee Ave. Chicago, IL.

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