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Humans have been tattooing their bodies for thousands of years (yes, not hundreds, thousands). Historically tattoos were used by people to ward off evil or show affiliation to a particular tribe. And while tattoo art and the process of inking have changed drastically over the millennia, the motivation behind them remains eerily similar. Because really, there is something almost primal about leaving a permanent mark on skin. Tattoos go to the core of someone’s identity – proclaiming inner fears, loves and loyalties to the world.
Getting inked is a radical form of self expression. Just like lacing up a pair of Docs.
To celebrate tattoo culture and defiant individualism, we’ve asked three incredibly talented tattoo artists to leave their mark on our classic 1460 boots. The resulting Tattoo Collection launches 19th July. Here’s a bit about the artists…


For New Yorker Grez, the fascination with tattooing began in his teenage years. Inspired by the inkings of his favourite bands Agnostic Front and Black Fag, he drew rudimentary tattoos on his arms using pen. These days he tattoos in the traditional American style – and without a pen – at Kings Avenue Tattoo in NYC.

Chris Lambert hails from Leeds in the north of England. From black and grey script to tribal and Western traditional, Lambert’s tattoos span a range of influences and styles. Co-owner of Leeds-based studio Snake & Tiger, Chris’s art has been published in The World Atlas of Tattooing and exhibited internationally. He likes to collect classic tattoo artefacts.

OT started tattooing in 1999 when a high school bandmate’s tattoo caught his attention. Being from Saitama in Japan, he started studying traditional Japanese Wabori tattoos – poring over old books to learn about the ancient art. Now the owner of his own shop (OT Tattoo in Tokyo) he is widely celebrated for his contemporary take on old tattoo styles.

Shop the tattoo collection on our EU and US & INTL sites now. 


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