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Introducing:  Louder Together. Putting a spotlight on often unheard communities, Dr. Martens has created a platform to broadcast real experiences, real stories and real people. In this series of uncensored conversations, we’re amplifying inspiring voices that need to be listened to.
In our first episode of Louder Together, we chat to four members of the Ballroom community – Alizé Ebony, Bambi Revlon, Reyah Louboutin and Jugu about Voguing, overcoming adversity and the power of community.

Originating in early 20th century Ballroom culture, Voguing was a dance movement inspired by the dramatic Vogue magazine poses of the 70s. But Voguing is more than just dancing. Providing surrogate families and inclusive communities for LGBTQ+, the Ballroom scene is a space for escape, a space for empowerment and space for self-expression.

Watch the interview below:

In their own words: 

“You are loved, you’re not alone, there’s millions of you out there that you just haven’t met yet”



INSTAGRAM: @traplineblings

Tell us about yourself:

I’m Alize Ebony of the iconic House of Ebony. I’ve been voguing for about three years now in the London Ballroom scene, and my walking style is Vogue Femme.

“The best part of the Ballroom scene is how supportive and how united we are. And it’s the unity that’s always stood out for me, there’s nothing more beautiful than a chosen family that supports and stands by you. Some people don’t have that support biologically, so Ballroom is like that escape for them.”

Your voguing style in two words: 


“Listen to yourself. Trust in yourself. Things will align”


INSTAGRAM: @discoverbambam


Tell us about yourself:

My name is Omar and I go by BamBam in the Ballroom scene. I’m from the iconic, unforgettable House of Revlon, I’m a movement artist and a project producer based in London.

“Sometimes I find it a bit problematic to be like, ‘we’re resilient, we’re strong,’ because actually we’re soft as well. We shouldn’t have to be forced to be resilient. We are resilient, but we shouldn’t be forced to be.”

Your voguing style in two words: 


“Your future self has got you set. Where you see yourself is where you’re going to be”

JUGU // 22 // HE/THEY

HOUSE: 007

INSTAGRAM: @w3b_st4r

Tell us about yourself:

I work part-time in a call centre, but I’m a full-time model and dancer. I’m part of the amazing London ballroom scene, which is a beautiful community that allows you to express yourself in different ways and venture into different ventures every day. “

“What I love most about the Voguing community is realising Queer magic. Being around the safety of the Queer chosen family allows you to be yourself, and that’s where the Queer magic is.  And you can still carry a piece of that into the reality of the heteronormative world.”

Your voguing style in two words:


“I’m 100% authentically me. And I’m not gonna change for anyone”



INSTAGRAM: @reyahdabarbie

Tell us about yourself: 

Good morning, good afternoon! I’m Reyah of the legendary, iconic Ballroom scene. I’m a voguer, but I’m also a hair stylist in-training/model in-training/TV producer in-training.

“Being POC means a lot of trials and tribulations. I’ve learnt to overcome it, because I’m still gonna be me, I’m still gonna be 100% authentically me and I’m not gonna change for anyone. My happiness is my happiness, it’s not yours, and you can’t determine that for me.”

Your voguing style in two words:


We asked Alize, Bambi, Reyah and Jugu about charities, community pages and organisations close to their heart that they’ve found helpful in difficult times. Check out the resources below:

Stonewall are an organisation that supports and enables LGBTQ+ to be their authentic selves and achieve their full potential through positive change. To find out more or to donate to their cause, visit their website here.


The Outside Project is a homeless/crisis shelter & Community Centre in response to those within the LGBTIQ+ community who feel endangered, who are homeless, ‘hidden’ homeless & feel that they are on the outside of services due to historical & present prejudice in society & in their homes. Find out more here.


OPAL is an African Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender and Intersex rights and human rights activist charity. Our mission is to defend human dignity, freedom, justice and equality for LGBTI people in Africa. Visit the website and find out more here.

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